How Much Do Crime Scene Cleaners Make In 2022?

Cleaning crime scenes is a crucial task that keeps companies, residences, and other locations safe and hygienic.

Cleaning up crime scenes and showing sympathy to those who criminals hurt is the job of crime scene cleaners.

Knowing the processes to acquire a job in this field might be beneficial if you want to work as a crime scene cleanup.

In this post, we’ll go over what a crime scene cleaner is and how much do crime scene cleaners make?


GuideHow Much Do Crime Scene Cleaners Make?
Average Income$43,900 per year
Highest Income$43,900 annually
Education QualificationNot compulsory

Who Are Crime Scene Cleaners?

A skilled worker who specializes in cleaning crime scenes is known as a crime scene cleaner.

Typically, crime scene cleaners enter houses, workplaces, and other locations where crimes or industrial accidents’ are after investigations are over.

They are vital because they can safely sterilize an area while also displaying sympathy to families and businesses that have undergone traumatic incidents.

To sterilize locations of crimes or traumatic occurrences, crime scene cleaners utilize cleaning gear and specific chemicals.

They normally deal with biohazards and other dangerous items.

As a result, they learn to follow certain health requirements in order to protect themselves and ensure that the environment is safe and sanitary.

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How Much Do Crime Scene Cleaners Make?

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not identify crime scene cleanup as a job title, the fact that it entails dealing with blood and body tissues implies it comes within the category of hazardous materials removal professionals.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical annual income for crime scene cleaners is $43,900.

This is significantly more than the typical crime scene cleanup income of $38,020 per year, according to the employment website Simply Hired.

Highest Salary Of Crime Scene Cleaners

Being a crime scene cleaner does not require a lot of detailed information about the job, and the more you work does not mean you will perform substantially better.

That is why in accordance with the nature of the job, the salaries of these cleaners do not increase as much as in other professions.

Is Being A Crime Scene Cleaner Good or Bad?

When you are a crime scene cleaner, you work with a lot of different materials that could be hazardous to your health if you are not careful enough.

It involves a good amount of risk, but it is also a job that will get you inside the crime scenes and maybe see some police work in the aftermath of a crime.

If you like to be around the police and like to deal with bio-chemical cleaning stuff, becoming a crime scene cleaner could be a good profession for you.

Qualifications Required To Become A Crime Scene Cleaner

Although professional knowledge of removing and disposing of bio risks is necessary, there are no formal schooling requirements for crime scene cleaners.

You get the majority of training on the job. However, there are some stand-alone specialty courses available.

Cleaning a crime scene is subject to rules and limits, which means you’ll need to get special certificates before doing so.

These credentials encompass crime scene cleanup, blood-borne pathogen management, and bio-recovery.

Keep in mind that the qualifications you gain and maintain are special to your location.

While the United States follows OSHA’s training rules, each state’s crime scene cleaning training differs.

Training Programs

Although formal schooling is not a necessity to work as a crime scene cleaner, you may need to finish some specific training before starting.

Some helpful pieces of training are biohazard handling training, personal protective equipment training, and pathogen training programs for crime scene investigators.

Getting training in these areas can assist guarantee that you can safely and successfully do your work as a crime scene cleanup.

You may need to finish further crime scene cleaning training classes and on-the-job training after you acquire a job as a crime scene cleaner.

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The profession is a tough one, and there are associated risks that come with the job, but if you like to be around police work and see real crime scenes and make sure everything goes smoothly, cleaners play a vital role in doing so.


How much do crime scene cleaners make without any experience?

If you do not have any experience in the field, you get the starting salary of the profession, which is lower than the average.

How much do crime scene cleaners make after a decade in the profession?

The experience does not increase your salary too much, but you definitely get the salary of the top 10%.

How much do crime scene cleaners make when they first start off?

You get the starting salary just like those without any experience.

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