How Much Do Cardiologists Make In 2022?

Cardiology is a good choice for people contemplating a career in medicine. A cardiologist’s duties and salary vary depending on the kind and specialty.

It’s crucial to think about your salary as well as the work requirements while considering whether or not to become a cardiologist.

Cardiologists work with people and also handle tough treatments and sometimes surgeries.

It requires immense soft and hard skills altogether. You might wonder how much do cardiologists make since it is such a hard job.

In this post, we’ll go over what a cardiologist does, the kind of income you may expect as a cardiologist, and other details.


GuideHow Much Do Cardiologists Make?
Average Income$351,000 per year
Highest Income$700,000 per year

Who Are Cardiologists?

Cardiologists are specialized doctors specializing in problems affecting the heart and blood arteries.

Cardiologists help patients diagnose, treat, and prevent cardiovascular disorders by working with them.

Although some cardiologists have the training to do invasive treatments such as cardiac surgery or the implantation of a pacemaker, the majority of cardiologists exclusively perform non-invasive procedures.

Conducting tests to detect illness, ordering labs, and providing medicine are just a few examples.

Preventative treatment might be a part of the treatment by both invasive and non-invasive cardiologists, such as devising a diet and exercise plan to maintain a patient’s heart as healthy as possible.

A cardiologist’s responsibilities vary depending on the day and specialty.

The average cardiologist spends roughly 41 hours per week dealing directly with patients, plus 17.5 hours per week on paperwork.

How Much Do Cardiologists Make?

Cardiologists are well compensated for their profession since the heart is such an essential organ that requires careful, skilled care.

Cardiologists often demand a high income to help them pay off their school debts and other educational necessities.

In 2019, full-time cardiologists had a salary of around $351,000 on average annually, including the bonuses and costs that are tax-free.

Over the course of years, the salaries of cardiologists have skyrocketed, and it will probably not stop.

The money that cardiologists make depends heavily on location, experience, and the amount of training they have.

Non-invasive cardiologists who just started to work will, of course, earn less than the average salary of cardiologists or those who have particular training.

Highest Salary Of Cardiologists

Even though it changes significantly depending on the location, the level of training, and the level of experience on the job, there are certain highest salaries recorded of cardiologists in the profession.

The highest salary range is somewhat around $700,000 annually, which is substantially higher, more than double, than the average salary.

However, depending on where you are, this highest salary could be higher or lower, but it will still be close to this number as the majority of salaries go around this.

Is Being A Cardiologist Good Or Bad?

Being a cardiologist is really a controversial topic because it is a really hard job in many ways; even if you have the necessary education and soft skills, your body might not be qualified enough to be a cardiologist.

That is because if your hand can not stabilize and do really precise things with no shaking, you can not do surgeries which is mostly the core of being an experienced cardiologist.

Nevertheless, if you can tick all necessary boxes and can manage to get your degree, being a cardiologist pays well.

For that, it is really good, and it could be good for you. But if you cannot tick even one box, being a cardiologist is probably a bad choice.

Qualification Required To Become A Cardiologist

Cardiologists must undergo considerable training since their work directly affects the health of others.

One of the essential things is to have a bachelor’s degree and complete medical school before you can begin concentrating in cardiology.

You also need to do an internship at a university or teaching hospital as a necessity.

You will subsequently complete a medical residency after completing all of these phases.

This is where you’ll start to specialize and apply what you’ve learned in class to real-life issues in cardiology.

After completing their residency, some cardiologists have the option of pursuing a fellowship to further their education.

It takes a substantial amount of money and time to complete your studies, and that is something you should be aware of if you want to be a cardiologist.

Medical school and residency might take up to ten years to complete. You may also need to take out a large loan to cover medical school costs.

Before you can start earning money in cardiology, you must invest a large amount of time and money.

Cardiologist Training Programs

A cardiologist’s education begins several years before entering a cardiac fellowship program at a medical university.

To become an internal medicine resident, you must first finish a pre-medical bachelor’s degree program, medical school, and an internal medicine residency.

You must also pass the United States Medical Licensing exam in all three stages (USMLE).

You may be eligible for certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine after completing a fellowship program (ABIM).

This organization’s certification tests cover advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology, cardiovascular illness, interventional cardiology, and clinical cardiac electrophysiology.

According to the ABIM, earning this accreditation shows patients that you have met professional training criteria.

You also need to attend a bachelor’s program & a master’s, which could take about ten years, including your residency. After that, you will focus on your specialization.


Being a cardiologist is definitely not easy. It requires immense amounts of training and money just to start working.

But once you start working and have a few years of experience, the salary you get is amazing.

If you like what cardiologists do, the salary comes in as a really great bonus, and you enjoy both benefits.


How much do cardiologists make when they first start off?

They start from the lowest salary range, lower than the average cardiologist’s salary.

How much do cardiologists make when they have their own office?

There is no limit on this because you can get unlimited amounts of patients in the price tag you wish (and the customers’ price).

How much do cardiologists make in residency?

This depends; sometimes you get minimum wage, sometimes you get higher, but it is definitely close to the levels when you first start.

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