Hire PHP Developers India [2023]

When you think of the internet, the chances are that a lot of it will be through some type or another in which PHP developers have had their hand.

Suppose you want to hire a PHP developer in India. In that case, you must know that these people develop backend components and connect applications with other services on behalf of front-end designers who use these same tools as well – but not just them!

They’re often required to integrate plugins into popular frameworks, too, so all kinds of work get done efficiently without having any problems along the way.


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With the right tools and advice, you can do your search for a new PHP developer more accessible than ever before.

By following our guide here – including writing an excellent job description to attract prospective candidates- it will be no problem at all!

And did you know, according to TechnoExponent, approximately 60% of all PHP developers are operating from India. So why are they so popular and should you hire them? Keep reading to find out!


Why Should You Hire A PHP Developer From India?

The era of online businesses has led to the need for user-friendly websites.

This is where a PHP programmer comes in, as they can help design and build these sites with their vast experience on dynamic web development projects like eCommerce platforms or business applications requiring security measures before launch!

Following are some of the top reasons why should you Hire A PHP Developer in India: 

  • Hiring a PHP web programmer from India is the best way to get your project done quickly and affordably. With so many different skill sets available, you can find someone who has exactly what it takes for any configuration of tasks – whether they’re CSS or JavaScript heavy-duty work!
  • PHP companies in India provide round-the-clock technical support to their clients.
  • Web programmers can create websites with advanced and up-to-date knowledge of the PHP language.
  • When you hire a PHP Developer in India, your confidence can quickly be restored because the programmers will commit themselves to deliver top-quality work in time. This means that not only are they highly skilled but also reliable and adept at tackling complex tasks!
  • You can hire a PHP programmer from India and save up to 60% off your project costs.
  • The cost difference between hiring an outsourcing company in the U.S., or another country, is stark when you consider that programmers get paid per line of code written due to their lower overhead compared with larger corporations which makes them more affordable; this has been shown by some studies as well!

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How Hiring A PHP Developer In India Will Benefit Your Business Idea?

High Return on Your Investment 

There is a lot of competition, and business owners are willing to make wise investments in technology.

After all, everything has an R.O.I. associated with it – especially when you’re looking for success!

PHP development not only empowers businesses to create dynamic websites but at a reasonable cost too.

Fast Development Cycle 

Hiring a PHP developer in India is one way to ensure that your project gets done quickly and with the highest quality.

They have plenty of resources at their disposal, so you know they’ll be able to meet any deadlines or requirements for an additional task if needed!

Business Professionalism and Strategic Development 

When choosing a PHP development company, make sure they work based on business-oriented paths.

These should be able and willing enough so that you can get in touch with them at any time regarding your project’s progress – especially during stages where you are still working together closely.

When you hire a dedicated PHP developer from India, rest assured that your project will get completed on time and within budget.

In addition to the programmers themselves being assigned from the pool of experts for this task, if one calls in sick, then there’s always another available at any given moment who can take over without delay- even though it might seem like an impossible feat!

Low Budget With Quality Output

Getting quality products with minimal investment always seems like a dream but hiring Indian PHP developers can solve this problem.

They can deliver high-end products with a 40-50% lesser budget than U.S. web development companies. 

Features Of PHP Development Company

  1. PHP development companies often offer their services as full-stack. This means that they don’t only offer backend service but offer a complete web solution. 
  2. Developing a website in PHP takes less time than .net or similar frameworks. So you can expect fast delivery of your product if you are working with a company that works in PHP. 
  3. Almost every third-party API can be integrated with PHP, which means your app developers will be able to communicate with any third-party library or API with PHP. 

Checklist Before Finalizing Any PHP Development Co?

Following are the top points that you should keep in mind before you hire PHP developers in India: 

  • PHP was invented in 1994, which means it’s not a new programming stack. Your website developer should have extensive experience with PHP, so do ask for a portfolio of websites created in raw PHP. 
  • Make sure that you hire PHP developers from India who is also fluent with Laravel (a PHP framework). Laravel is a popular PHP framework, and companies rapidly adopt this technology. 
  • Your PHP development company representative should have an excellent communication command because you can’t get your project done if your hired company is not good at communication. 
  • Many projects fail because investors and business owners fail to assess the working attitude of their developers. To analyze the professional attitude of developers to understand whether they will be able to get your job done or not. 

Our Recommendation

As stated earlier, PHP is a more than a two-decades-old programming language.

Many companies out there provide web developing services, but hiring PHP developers from India can take care of everything.

Out of hundreds of such companies, T.O.T.O. Dream Marketing always tops the list, and there are many reasons behind this.

They have experienced Laravel and PHP developers having years of working knowledge of the said programming language. 

T.O.T.O. Dream Marketing 

It is said that the T.O.T.O. Company always comes up with something new.

They have shown their commitment to learning by manufacturing products of high quality and durability and displaying an innovative nature in what they do best: Infrastructure construction for modern websites!

They’re making sure that all of your website projects are successful and will continue providing you with these services for as long as necessary, which means technical support will be there to help you come out of the hot water. 

To top it off, the team of professionals is efficient and makes specific processes run smoothly.

Advanced technologies enable them to provide reliable customer support at all hours for any questions or concerns you may have about your website development project – without fail! 

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78% of all the websites are based on PHP, making it the most popular programming language for web development. 

You can hire a PHP developer in India from T.O.T.O. Dream Marketing. They will not hesitate to offer quality work with competitive prices all in one package deal, so don’t hesitate. 


How Expensive Will it Be if I Hire PHP Developer in India?

It depends on the product type that you want to get built. There is no hard and fast rule about php website pricing.

But you can always compare the provided quotation with the pricing of the freelancers who operate through Fiverr or Upwork. 

What is the Most Popular PHP Framework Where Developers Can Build My Website Faster?

In that case, LiveWire or Laravel should be your go-to options. Laravel is a PHP framework that is used for R.A.D. (rapid action development). 

I Want To Build a Custom WordPress Theme. Can a PHP Developer Get This Done?

Of course, WordPress is based on PHP itself, which means a developer who can code in PHP should also write a custom theme for WordPress. 

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