Goodwill Hours In 2022 Overview!

Goodwill Industries is an American organization it gives training, employment, and other community services to people who have difficulties finding jobs.

It also employ experienced people and those who are inexperienced and underqualified. 

It gets funds from a network of retail thrift stores also noncommercial organizations.

It was founded 120 years ago,1902, in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. The Reverend Edgar J Helms founded it.

Goodwill is a non-profit charity, which means any earnings made here are utilized for a good cause.

It accepts contributions and either donate them or sells them. In the United States, Goodwill is the go-to place for clothing donations.

It provides job training and affordable clothing. Despite having a good mission, the organization does not always live up to its name.

It’s Hours operates in:

It currently operates in 17 countries and creates retail/wholesale products. It holds 156 local Goodwill in the United States and Canada. 

In 2018 it got revenue of $6.1 Billion, and they spent $5.27 Billion on charity, keeping the rest for salaries and other operating expenses.


It’s headquarters are located in Rockville, Maryland, United States.


What Is Goodwill?

Goodwill is locally operated and owned by the community. It gives unemployed and under-qualified people training, which helps with their future. 

It is also an organization that manages donations done by people and have certain policies for what kind of donations they accept like clothes, furniture of good quality, shoes, books, dishes, handbags, belts, small appliances, alarm clocks, and consumer electronics, household decorations, sporting equipment, linens.

CDs/DVDs/videotapes, clothing, and a-likes generally avoid accepting large appliances like stoves, exercise equipment, washers, dryers, refrigerators, and then after rechecking and a few improvements, they resale them. 

Rather than throwing away old items, box them up and donate them to Goodwill. It’s no surprise that its hours is at the top of our list of ways to contribute, with sites all across the country, a super-easy dropoff system, and a cause you can feel good about helping.

They have their proper stores where donations are made and safe-way stores installed at appropriate places.

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Goodwill hours

All Goodwill donation locations closed during the initial period of covid, but now they reopened. 

Many locations changed their opening days and operated on selected days, so they get a lot of time to sanitize the products and locations. decently

All Goodwill hours centers at their retail locations remain open and close occasionally. 

It is preferable to go early to the stores, when you have the opportunity, go early.

The first hour of the store’s operation is the golden hour: the most recent merchandise that no other consumers have seen.

Our employees have to refill a lot of the store after a busy weekend, so a Monday morning shopping trip is nearly likely to be profitable.

Goodwill Hours on Weekdays:

Monday to Saturday timings are,

Monday9 AM-7 PM
Tuesday9 AM-7 PM
Wednesday9 AM-7 PM
Thursday9 AM-7 PM
Friday9 AM-7 PM
Saturday9 AM-7 PM

On Weekends:

Sundays are not off, but somehow the timing is reduced.

Sunday9 AM-5 PM

On Holidays: 

Goodwill’s holidays are as below, 

January 1New Year’s DayFriday
December 24Christmas EveSaturday
November 24Thanksgiving DayFriday
April 17EasterSunday
October 11Columbus DayMonday

What Are Goodwill Hours Today?

All Goodwill stores are open today. As we’ve discussed before, branches of Goodwill work throughout the week from Monday to Sunday, and except for some holidays, it is open the whole year.

So the stores will be open today as well. But for your satisfaction, you can check out by calling on their customer care numbers, or you can also google this.

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Customer Services

Customers can interact with the representatives by following ways,

Toll-free Number: You can call them at their toll-free number in case you need any information,

  • +1800 294 4742
  • +1800 507 4483 

The U.S residents can also call at the following number regarding their inquiries,

  • 800 644 6577

And enter a 5-digit zip code.

E-mail: The official e-mail of Goodwill is

[email protected] 

So that you can also e-mail your request, suggestions, or complaints.

Website: The easiest thing to do is to visit their site, there you will get all the necessary information which can answer your questions, 

They also directly give the option of contacting them through message or e-mail on the website. 

Alternatives Of Goodwill Hours

If you don’t want to utilize the services provided by Goodwill, some similar options can be,

  • Buy Nothing Groups.
  • Mutual Aid App or Facebook Groups.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • Clothing swaps.
  • Curb Alerts.


Goodwill is a non-profit charity organization that receives donations and donates them further or sells them.

It is the go-to location for clothes donations in the United States. Goodwill is a non-profit organization that offers career training and reasonably priced apparel.

While the group has a good mission, it does not always live up to its name. If you want to see if your donations will go further elsewhere, you can check it yourself.

It spends around 82 cents of every dollar on programs and services for individuals in need across the country. This number is 90 cents for every dollar, according to Goodwill SWPA.

Goodwill is locally operated and owned by the community. It gives unemployed and under-qualified people training, which helps with their future. 

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What happens to items that aren't sold at Goodwill Hours?

When you donate trash, it costs Goodwill money. They also get things that may start on the sales floor but are eventually passed over due to their worn condition.

According to the organization, when textile products don’t sell at Goodwill, they are recycled and given a new life somehow.

What happens if you donate anything to Goodwill by accident?

The material will be recycled into cleaning rags, upholstery filling, or fiber recycling by the recycler.

Even if you have ripped or broken items, such as undergarments, consider donating them to a Goodwill donation location in your area.

What do we mean by a non-profit organization?

Goodwill is a non-profit, charitable organization. Any ‘earnings’ made in our stores are put back into our mission.

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