GoodHire Reviews In 2023? | Is It Legit?

The quality of employees working in your organization matters a lot, as they are the ones who can make or break your company’s success.

There was a time when it was an arduous task to find the right people for your company, but with employee-screening platforms like GoodHire, it has become effortless.

If you are wondering how GoodHire can help you in hiring employees, then keep reading this article till the end.


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FeaturesBasic Drug tests, and more
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About GoodHire

What Is GoodHire?
What Is GoodHire?

GoodHire is a US-based employment screening service that was established in 2013. Over the years, it has helped various companies in their hiring process.

With its help, you can get a detailed background of your applicant. This may include their education, previous job records, criminal history, social security number, etc.

Apart from these, it offers some add-on features that you can opt for for a better or in-depth report.


Is GoodHire Worth it?

Should You Choose GoodHire?
Should You Choose GoodHire?

Platforms like GoodHire genuinely make the hiring process easier.

Imagine using it you can save a lot of time and energy by eliminating the unfit candidate, and hiring the ones with backgrounds that suit your standards.

The best part is that GoodHire’s plans are affordable and the reports offered by them are accurate and fast.

For a basic or simple background check, it is a great choice, but with a more detailed report, it might get pricier.

Also, make a note that GoodHire only works for people living in the US, or who will be working there.

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Features Of GoodHire

Features Of GoodHire
Features Of GoodHire
  • GoodHire has an active monitoring system, meaning it will give you updates as soon as any new information gets added to your employee’s background. This feature is great because you remain updated about the unwanted activities of your employees.
  • Another interesting feature offered by GoodHire is that you can get customized reports as per your needs. You can even put in the candidate requirement, and when you run a search, you will get a list of potential candidates that matches your search.
  • GoodHire offers a very easy-to-use interface. You do not need to be tech-savvy to use it. Anyone can use it without much difficulty.

Pros & Cons Of GoodHire

  • Easy-to-use.
  • Quick turn-around time of reports.
  • Accurate reports.
  • Has an in-house team of experts to guide.
  • Provides Transparency.
  • Sneaky pricy practices.
  • Only limited services are available.

GoodHire Screening Services

Let us have a look at the different types of screening services GoodHire offers:

  1. Employment Background Checks
  2. Criminal Background Checks
  3. Driving Record (MVR) Checks
  4. Employment Drug Tests
  5. Education Verification Check
  6. Employment Verification

1. Employment Background Checks

Employment Background Checks goodhire

You can run employment background checks on GoodHire for a number of industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Staffing
  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Nonprofits
  • For small businesses
  • For large companies

2. Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks
  • Nationwide Criminal Databases Records Search*
  • County Criminal Court Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Court Records Search
  • Statewide Criminal Records Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Searches
  • International Criminal Records Search
  • Watch List Search
  • Domestic Watch List Search
  • Global Watch List Search
  • RCMP Criminal Records Check

3. Driving Record (MVR) Checks

  • Driver’s license status (valid, suspended, expired, etc.)
  • Felony and misdemeanor convictions (DUI, DWI)
  • Class (commercial driver’s license, operator, etc.)
  • Moving violations and restrictions and suspensions

4. Employment Drug Tests

goodhire employment
Employment Drug Tests
  • 4 Panel
  • 5 Panel
  • 8 Panel + MQL
  • 10 Panel

5. Education Verification Check

  • Enrollment
  • Type of degree obtained
  • Dates of attendance
  • Major completion status
  • Graduation date
  • International Education Verification
  • Education Verification – Canada
  • Professional License Verification

6. Employment Verification

  • US Employment Verification
  • Employment Verification – Canada
  • International Employment Verification

GoodHire’s Suite of Criminal Background Checks

Since GoodHire offers various types of national criminal background check, here’s a table showing the kind of records searches GoodHire offers and what they are best used for:

TypeSearchesBest UsedSearch Options
Nationwide Criminal Databases Records SearchThousands of jurisdictions for state and local crimes.Identify criminal jurisdictions. Good first step.Add aliases used.
Monthly Ongoing Alerts.
County Criminal Court Records SearchCounty courts for cases with their charge, disposition and sentence.Most comprehensive, accurate check.7 or 10 year history.
Select which counties to search. Add aliases used.
Federal Criminal Court Records SearchU.S. district and appellate courts for federal crimes.Financial or sensitive information handling jobs.Add aliases used.
Statewide Criminal Records SearchState courts, police & law enforcement records.Complements county searches. Required by some industries.Add aliases used.
Select which states to search.
Watch List SearchDomestic (and international) government sanctions and watch lists.Public sector, security, sensitive information positions.Domestic or Global.
Sex Offender Registry SearchesMulti-state registry.Especially when working with vulnerable populations.Add aliases used.
International Criminal Records SearchRecords in any of 223 countries.US workers with foreign backgrounds.Country lived or worked.
RCMP Criminal Records CheckRCMP’s Canadian Police Information CentreCanadian residents.Verifies accuracy of disclosed convictions.

GoodHire Pricing

GoodHire Pricing

They offer three different pricing packages to choose from if you hire less than fifty people. These are:

  • Basic report – $29.99
  • Standard report –$54.99
  • Premium report – $79.99

Please make a note that you are also required to pay some additional amount while setting up your account.

Also, they charge you extra in the standard and premium reports if you try to access reports made available by third parties.

They also have some add-ons which offer more features. These are priced at:

  • National Criminal Database Search – $9.99/candidate.
  • Federal Criminal Database – $14.99/candidate.

If you want to screen more than fifty employees in a year, you will have to contact them for a custom price.


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How To Get Started?

To run a background check on GoodHire, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to their website and click on “Get started” on the top right corner of the screen.

How To get Started on GoodHire

2. Now you will get two options to choose from as to how many backgrounds checks your company will run per year. Click on 1-10 per year or 11+ per year, depending on your choice.

Get Started on GoodHire

3. Once you select the number of searches you want to run, you will be redirected to a new page.

Sign up on GoodHire

4. Here you will be required to fill in your detail like your name, company’s name, work email address, phone number, etc.

5. Then you have to select the pricing and plan of your choice. Once you select your plan and pay for it, you will be able to run background checks.

GoodHire Platform Demo

How To Run Your Own Background Check?

You can run a background check on yourself using GoodHire. This can be carried out in these three easy steps:

Choose Your Check – In order to run your own background check, you will need to first select and pay for the plan that fits you.

Verify Your Identity – Now, to protect your privacy, Goodhire makes sure that you are the one who is running the background check. For this, they send you a verification link or code, and once you verify your identity, you can proceed further.

View Your Results – Once the above step is done, GoodHire will run a search, and within a few minutes, it will give you the relevant search results.

Fix Discrepancies In Reports

Since these background check platforms accumulate data from various public records and other publicly available data, there are chances that your report might have some redundant or inaccurate information.

Some of these errors may include:

  • Typing\Transcription errors
  • Confusion because of common names
  • Outdated information from credit reporting agencies and more

If you too find any such discrepancies in your report, do not worry, as GoodHire gives you a window of opportunity to fix any discrepancies.

To get it fixed, you can write to the company or make a call, or you can simply go to their online portal.

While viewing your report, just click and select the incorrect report, provide any additional details or comments, and click submit.

Once you do this, GoodHire will verify it and fix it within 30 to 45 days or sooner.

And if they do find any incorrect information in your report, they will fix it and will send an updated copy of your report to your employer.

GoodHire Interface

GoodHire features a sleek and modern user interface that is easy to understand on both the website and the app.

The Candidate portal is quite impressive with all kinds of information, including how long it will take for the hiring manager to get the report, what are the rights of the candidate and the hiring manager, etc.

The best part about GoodHire is that it also offers an additional feature known as “Comments for Context,” in which the applicant can explain any glitch in their report.

Is GoodHire Safe?

GoodHire is a safe platform to use. They ask for your permission before sending your information to your employer.

And also, store your information on secure servers in the United States, store your sensitive information in encrypted form, and all your personal information is also encrypted during transfer.

They have mentioned on their website that they maintain reasonable, industry-standard security procedures and practices to protect your personal information.

USW GoodHire Ratings

Customer Service4.3/5
Ease of use4.4/5
Features & Services4.3/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

GoodHire Customer Ratings And Reviews
GoodHire Customer Rating And Review

GoodHire has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars given by 657 people on ConsumerAffairs, which is really impressive.

According to the reviews, consumers were mostly satisfied with the services offered by GoodHire.

goodhire rating

Customer Service

Customer Service goodhire

When we went through the customer reviews during our research, GoodHire has excellent customer service.

You can contact them via call (888-906-4284) or email. Also, the turnaround time for queries and requests was short, and they handled even the negative feedback gracefully.

Apart from this, you can go to their website and check their FAQ section if you have any general query that needs to be addressed.


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Our Experience

We used GoodHire to screen a few of our new employees, and although it cost us a bit, we love how the hiring process went on smoothly.

We got all the information we were seeking, and it is so easy to use. And also, we love how accessible their support is.

Whenever we face an issue, we contact their support team and get resolutions in no time. We think we are going to use GoodHire the next time too.


ComparisonGoodHireAccio Data
FeaturesBasic Drug tests, and morePre-employment screening services and more
Price$29.99 per month$550 for 750 components per month
BBB ratingA+ ratingNot registered
Turn-around timeQuickFast
Tenant ScreeningNot availableAvailable

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What Differentiates GoodHire?

The fact that GoodHire offers excellent features like drug testing and customized reports for such a low price makes it different from others.

Also, we can’t overlook the fact that it has such great ratings and customer reviews.

How We Review Background Check Companies?

We review background check companies based on the following factors:

  • Affordability.
  • Reliability of the information provided.
  • Features.
  • Online reputation..
  • Services.
  • Accuracy of reports.
  • Safety and security.

Final Verdict

This was our take on GoodHire, and we feel like it is a very useful platform for those who want to run background checks on their applicants.

Although they do not offer as many features as its competitors, they do have affordable pricing.

We hope you got what you were looking for and liked reading this article.

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Is GoodHire Legit?

Yes, it has been in service for many years and has helped many companies in their hiring process. You can definitely go for it.

How long will it take for my background check to complete?

It takes around 3-7 business days to get the results and also, drug screenings and, International verifications may take longer.

Where do I go for my drug screening?

Once you order drug screening, you or your employer will be able to select the place for the test.

Once you select the place, you will get an email and you will need to fill Chain of Custody (CCF) form.

Please make sure, you fill it out because it is mandatory to do so and will also contain the destination of drug testing.

Will I have to take my candidate's approval before accessing their information?

Yes, you are required to ask for their approval before viewing their private information.

Does GoodHire offer a free trial?

No, it does not offer a free trial.

USW Overall Rating


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