Faye Chrisley Net Worth 2023

The Chrisley family has been under the spotlight and appearing in the news headlines for almost a decade since their reality show hit the screens.

Every individual from the Chrisley family has sort of become a reality star, with many fans following their lives.

Todd is the most famous person, a real estate mogul, and the father of five children with her wife, Julie.

Since the show revolves around the lives of this family, Todd’s mother, Faye Chrisley, has also appeared in the show continuously.

Much like other members of the family, she also quickly rose to fame and became an acclaimed reality star. All this fame also helped her to increase her net worth.

This article will take a look at Faye Chrisley’s net worth, her most famous works, her profession, and her personal life.

Faye Chrisley Net Worth


Almost all the public information about Faye Chrisley only revolves around her appearance in Chrisley Knows Best as a reality star.

The show’s first episode aired on television in 2014, and she has participated in all nine seasons of the show until now.

It is planned to continue, and she will most likely be in the coming seasons, just as she was in the previous ones.

In addition to the main show, she also starred in most of the spin-offs of Chrisley Knows Best, such as Growing Up Chrisley and Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving.

She plays herself and voices her opinion on family matters to her son and grandchildren in both the main show and the spin-offs.

Legit News also states that she is a real estate investor, but there isn’t much public information as to how much she is involved in this as a profession.

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Net Worth

Faye Chrisley net worth

Faye Chrisley’s net worth is not too high compared to the levels her son reached throughout his life.

Even though she is rumored to make good money from the reality show Chrisley Knows Best, there aren’t other things that contribute to this net worth, as far as the publicly available information goes.

That’s why her net worth didn’t increase much over the years.


Estimated to be under $500K. Chrisley Knows Best gets nominated for “Best Unstructured Reality Show.”


$500K. Chrisley Knows Best continues to increase in fame and gets approved for another season.


$600K. The reality show is about to hit a decade in television with the tenth season.

Most Famous Work

Faye Chrisley profession

Faye Chrisley’s most famous work, and also the work that brought her the fame she has now, is her participation in Chrisley Knows Best.

As far as the public information goes, contrary to the other members of the Chrisley family, she never ventured into other things and kept it with the show.

She is recognized as an American reality star who has starred in 9 seasons of Chrisley Knows Best.

Her oldest son, Todd, has many businesses like real estate investments in addition to his role in Chrisley Knows Best.

It’s rumored that Faye also has some sort of real estate investment business, but this is never confirmed.

Things That Add To Her Net Worth

things that add to Faye Chrisley networth

Faye Chrisley’s public information regarding her net worth and what contributes to that net worth is very limited, and there isn’t much information.

However, as her most famous work is Chrisley Knows Best, and that’s where she earns the most money, we know how much the reality show adds to her net worth.

Since the rumors about her real estate investments are not confirmed or open to the public, we don’t know other ventures that add to her net worth.

The salary information of Faye Chrisley is not available to the public, but we do know how much others in the show earn. Most of them earn about $10,000 to $15,000 per episode.

Considering that it’s somewhat similar for Faye Chrisley, she is making around $250,000 annually from Chrisley Knows Best.

Personal Life

Faye Chrisley was married to Gene Raymond Chrisley, a U.S. war veteran who served in the Korean War and got awarded a bronze medal.

Gene passed away in 2012, but Faye decided to keep the details of her late husband’s death to herself and didn’t reveal anything.

She never remarried after her husband’s death, and as far as the public knows, she is single.

Faye and her husband had three children, one of which is Todd, who created the Chrisley Knows Best reality show.

She currently happily lives in Nashville with his son Todd and his family.

There was also another unfortunate event where she lost a son, Derrick Chrisley, shortly after he was born.

The Verdict

Faye Chrisley is the mother of Todd Chrisley, the father of five kids and the husband of Julie Chrisley.

Chrisley family has been increasing in fame thanks to their reality show Chrisley Knows Best, and Faye Chrisley has appeared in a total of 194 episodes since the show started to air in 2014.

She became very famous through this show and garnered attention. Her net worth stands at $600K as of 2023, way lower than other members of the Chrisley family.

During her lifetime, she lost her husband, a U.S. war veteran, in 2012, 2 years before her hit show aired.

Contrary to most Chrisleys, she doesn’t have any other publicly available ventures, and she is solely known as an American reality star with her role in the reality show.

Now, she is living with her eldest son Todd in Nashville with his family.




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