7 US Constitution Facts

The US has a distinct history, not as long as the majority of the empires and states in the modern world but not short enough to make it invisible in the world’s scenario.

They are one of the biggest democracies in the world, and they are most probably the most powerful ones.

This great democracy and power do not come by luck; it comes from a good basis to it.

The basis of the US democracy comes from its constitution, which is the oldest one written in our modern age.

This constitution that carved a path for many different things also has a lot of different facets to be aware of.

This article will give you some facts about the US Constitution.

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7 Unknown Facts About the US Constitution

  1. The US Constitution was actually signed in 1787((https://www.archives.gov/files/boston/education/teachable-texts/10-constitution-facts.pdf)), but it took about a year until all nine states at the time ratified the constitution. So it took one year for the constitution to be active from its signing.
  2. When the US constitution was in preparation, it was a top-secret thing that no one knew about. It was written behind locked doors and by sentries guarding the place where the constitution was being written.
  3. It took one year until the constitution saw a major change in it. Many delegates and some of the original framers of the constitution had problems with the constitution not having any clear description of the individual rights. Americans wrote a set of individual rights and added this to the constitution. These were the ten amendments, and we know them as The Bill of Rights today.
  4. Among all the national constitutions in the world, the US constitution is the oldest and the shortest.
  5. Ever since the first original constitution was ratified, Congress has introduced about 11,000 new amendments. Of these 11,000 new amendments, only 33 went to states for ratification, and 27 got the approval to be added to the constitution.
  6. The Declaration of Independence that created the United States of America was written in the Pennsylvania State House, where the US Constitution was also written. This place is now known as the Independence Hall, and you can still visit it within Independence Mall in Philadelphia. George Washington also received his Commander of the Army commission in the same building at the Pennsylvania State House.
  7. The main reason why the United States celebrates Thanksgiving is actually to give thanks to the constitution. George Washington is the founder of this day, establishing it in 1789 officially.

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The Verdict

As you can see, the US constitution is actually a fascinating constitution that hosts many different facts and realities within it.

It is carefully crafted, and many people adore the work it does by making the US a powerful democracy.

The US has been following the same constitution with some tweaks to it in time, and it shows how powerful of a constitution it is.

These facts that this constitution host is not luck but a work of intelligently crafted constitution.

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