Does TruthFinder Tell The Person I Searched For?

If you are new to using background check sites and are using TruthFinder, then you must have this burning question in your head- Does TruthFinder tell the person I searched for?

In this short guide, we will answer if your doubts are true and if TruthFinder is a safe and legitimate site to use. So make sure you read through.

Does TruthFinder Tell The Person I Searched For

Is TruthFinder Anonymous?

Background check sites can be a great tool to know the general background of a person or to even find out more crucial information such as criminal records.

We understand that you might want this information to safeguard yourself against any potential danger.

Say, you want to find your new neighbor’s detail before you make friends with them. Or say you want to date someone and want to check on their background to avoid potential dangers.

Since TruthFinder is a renowned and commonly used background check site, you might be wondering if is TruthFinder anonymous.

Well, yes, TruthFinder is an anonymous background check tool that you can use to dig for information on anyone without revealing your identity.

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Will TruthFinder Notify The Person I Look Up?

If you are using TruthFinder to look up a person before meeting them or for any other purpose, then you might wonder, will TruthFinder notify the person I look for?

Fortunately, TruthFinder will not notify the person you look up to. You do not have to fret about TruthFinder sending any emails or notifications to the person you searched for.

Any search that you make on TruthFinder is confidential and private, and only you can access your search history.

Is TruthFinder Safe?

While using random sites on the internet, we often feel concerned about the safety of our data pertaining to cyber attacks, data theft, etc.

So if you are using TruthFinder, then you might have questioned is TruthFinder safe.

Thankfully, TruthFinder is a safe website as it uses 256-bit encryption to keep the site safe for its customers.

Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES, is the security standard set by the U.S. government to protect confidential data, but TruthFinder uses 256-bit encryption, which is an even higher standard of security.

Additionally, this encryption is backed by the world’s largest internet security organization Cloudflare, so you can rest assured that your data on TruthFinder will remain safe and confidential.

And there is no way for the person you are looking for to know.

Is TruthFinder Legit?

Given the kind of information you can find on someone, it is obvious to question whether is TruthFinder legit.

So yes, TruthFinder is a legitimate company, and it has successfully generated plenty of reports ever since its inception in 2014.

TruthFinder is also very clear about what you can and cannot use it for on their website.

They clearly state that they are not a consumer reporting agency, and you cannot use it to make decisions for hiring, consumer credit, or tenant screening.

You can also find hundreds of TruthFinder reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, Sitejabber, etc.

All these things are good proof of the legitimacy of TruthFinder, and you can rest assured.

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Wrap Up

Background check sites like TruthFinder are useful tools that can help you to safeguard yourself from potentially dangerous situations.

It can help you find out if your new date has a clean criminal record. It can help you choose the right neighborhood, etc.

And if you haven’t been using TruthFinder thinking, does TruthFinder tell the person I searched for?

Then you can be rest assured that it will not notify the person you are looking for, and all your searches will remain confidential.

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Can I trust TruthFinder?

Many people question is TruthFinder reliable. Is TruthFinder a scam?

TruthFinder is a registered company and has many online customer reviews on well-known platforms such as TrustPilot, BBB, etc.

The complaints that most customers have is regarding their automatic billing plans and difficulty in canceling subscriptions.

Rest assured, Truthfinder is a reliable company.

Is using TruthFinder legal?

TruthFinder clearly defines what you can and cannot use the information it offers for.

For example you cannot use TruthFinder to make hiring decisions or for screening tenants.

So make sure you comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act to use it within the legal limits.

Can I use TruthFinder for free?

No, TruthFinder is not free to use, and you will have to pay in order to access the reports it generates.

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