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Camping in Lake Tahoe is a fantastic spot for summer camping in California because of the water sports, hiking trails, and beautiful lengths of beach that flank the azure blue seas and turquoise bays.

The weather is pleasant throughout the day, and the evenings are ideal for relaxing around a campfire.

One of the most popular regions near Lake Tahoe is South Lake Tahoe. Private, city-run, and government-run campsites are also available.

Some campgrounds offer only a dozen or fewer campsites, while others accommodate 200 to 300 tents and RVs.

Campgrounds are open from spring through autumn, generally from mid-May to mid-October; however, some may have a shorter season depending on the year and weather.


GuideCamping In Lake Tahoe
Things to bringTent, torch, and more
CampgroundKaspian Campground, and more
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Camping In Lake Tahoe
Camping In Lake Tahoe

Camping In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

Kaspian Campground

Kaspian Campground is just across the road from Lake Tahoe and contains nine single-family campsites (tent only).

It might be a little loud (due to passing traffic), but the lake views are spectacular. You’re also only a short distance from the beach.

Campers can park one car in the parking lot and walk 75–150 feet to their spot. All of your belongings must be in bags in and out.

A table, food storage container, fire ring, and grate are also available at each location.

From mid-May until mid-October, the campsite is open. Drinking water and flush toilets are among the amenities.

Address: 3255 CA-89, Tahoe City, CA 96145

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D.L Bliss State Park Campground

D.L Bliss State Park Campground
D.L Bliss State Park Campground

The D.L. Bliss State Park is in one of Lake Tahoe’s most gorgeous areas.

The waterfront has magnificent rock outcroppings and a gorgeous stretch of golden beach around it.

The sea is perfectly clear, and you can see the mountains on the other coast in the distance.

Address: 9881 CA-89, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Meeks Bay Resort and Marina

Meeks Bay Resort and Marina is an excellent alternative if you want additional facilities and a summer camp or resort ambiance.

A huge crescent-shaped beach with shallow water runs along the Meeks Bay coastline, ideal for small children.

With cottages facing the Lake, a seaside restaurant, and a campsite, the resort backing the beach is a large-scale business.

Address: 7941 Emerald Bay Rd, Tahoma, CA 96142

Meeks Bay Campground

Meeks Bay Campground
Meeks Bay Campground

The modest, federally run Meeks Bay Campground is just down the beach from Meeks Bay Beach Resort and Marina.

This is a lot more peaceful and basic camping experience than the resort, although it is still along the same beautiful beach.

Address: 96158 Meeks Bay Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Fallen Leaf Campground

If you don’t want to camp by the Lake, Fallen Leaf Campground is an excellent alternative.

This campsite, nestled among tall pines and surrounded by woodland, provides a more rustic setting.

A short trail leads from the campground to Fallen Leaf Lake, providing a welcome respite from the crowds along Lake Tahoe, which is only a mile away.

Address: 2165 Fallen Leaf Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Eagle Point Campground

Eagle Point Campground
Eagle Point Campground

The Eagle Point Campground is on a rocky outcropping near Emerald Bay State Park entrance.

This picturesque location is an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding area.

This campsite has the trailhead for the Rubicon hiking path, one of the most popular walks around South Lake Tahoe.

Eagle Falls, as well as further hiking routes, are located farther up the roadway.

Address: South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Campground by the Lake

Campground by the Lake in the heart of South Lake Tahoe is ideal for guests who want to relax and enjoy the Lake, beaches, and town.

Address: 1150 Rufus Allen Blvd. South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Bayview Campground

Bayview Campground
Bayview Campground

The modest Bayview Campground is across the roadway from Inspiration Point Lookout on Emerald Bay.

This fantastic position is difficult to top for hikers and sightseers.

You may trek immediately from the campground to some of the area’s most popular hiking routes, such as Cascade Falls/Cascade Lake, Granite Lake, and beyond to other Desolation Wilderness linking paths.

Address: South Lake Tahoe, California 96150

Campgrounds at Camp Richardson Historic Resort and Marina

Camp Richardson Historic Resort and Marina just west of South Lake Tahoe is a big enterprise with several lodging choices, including a hotel, cabins, and three campsites.

Eagle’s Nest and Badger’s Den are two campsites with over 100 tent sites each.

Address: 1900 Jameson Beach Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park Campground

Ed Z'berg Sugar Pine Point State Park Campground
Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park Campground

The Ed Z’Berg Sugar Pine Piece State Park is about a 40-minute drive northwest of South Lake Tahoe, just north of Meeks Bay, on a picturesque point of land on the border of Lake Tahoe.

Address: 7360 W Lake Blvd, Tahoma, CA 96142

Best Places To visit near Lake Tahoe

Best Places to visit near Lake Tahoe
Best Places to visit near Lake Tahoe

Desolation Wilderness

In the Lake Tahoe Basin and Eldorado National Forest, the Isolation Wilderness is a nationally defined wilderness region.

Nearly 64,000 acres of alpine, sub-alpine forests, high peaks, valleys, and lakes produced by glaciers make up the region.

You can not use any means of mechanical transportation except wheelchairs in the wilderness region; therefore, travel is confined to foot and horseback.

Visitors should leave no trace and take all trash with them when leaving the park.

There are miles of paths in the natural environment, ranging from beginner to advanced.

In most areas of the wilderness region, you can camp; nevertheless, wilderness permits are necessary to enter the protected area.

Donner Memorial State Park

The site of the Donner Camp, where members of the Donner Party were stuck there by weather in the winter of 1846–1847, is still there and has a memory at Donner Memorial State Park.

The renowned ill-fated party was stranded without shelter, food, or resources and had no choice but to resort to cannibalism in order to live.

The visitors center in the park explores the location and houses displays about the Donner Party, Native Americans, and the First Transcontinental Railroad, among other topics.

There are interpretive tours, treks, talks, and campfires you can get from park workers.

The park also includes the Pioneer Monument and the Emigrant Trail Museum, both of which are devoted to Emigrant Trail passengers.

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Checklist Before Camping In Lake Tahoe

Checklist Before Camping in Lake Tahoe
Checklist Before Camping in Lake Tahoe

Whether you’re planning an extensive backcountry excursion in the High Sierra or simply pitching a tent at a local campground, preparing a checklist is essential to ensuring a memorable adventure.

  • Tent
  • Clothing
  • Headlamp
  • Flashlights
  • Camera
  • Bear box
  • Sleeping pad
  • Sleeping bag
  • Stove
  • Sunscreen (for summer)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bug spray


Can you camp everywhere in Lake Tahoe?

No, there are areas that you can not camp, but outside of the campgrounds, there are some places that you can camp out in the wilderness if you do not break any law.

Is camping in Lake Tahoe hard in winter?

It could be hard to camp out in the wilderness in Lake Tahoe as many campgrounds are closed in the winter season.

Are campgrounds open in winter for camping in Lake Tahoe?

Nearly all of the campgrounds are closed in winter for camping in Lake Tahoe.

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