3 Great Campgrounds in Death Valley In 2023

Death Valley is a mesmerizing camping spot, so don’t be put off by the grim moniker. You won’t be able to know you’re in the hottest desert in the United States unless you go during peak season or to a high-elevation campsite. People know Death Valley as a black sky park because of its distant location. It’s a long way from any big city, so it’s a great area to look for constellations or try your hand at photographing the Milky Way. There’s a reason SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is close by. There’s nothing out there but the vast desert horizon.


Guide Camping in Death Valley
Things to bringTent, Torch, etc.
Best places to visitSand Dunes near Stovepipe Wells, and more
CampgroundsFurnace Creek Campground, and more
SituatedCalifornia, U.S.

Camping In Death Valley

1. Furnace Creek Campground

Furnace Creek Campground
Furnace Creek Campground

Death Valley National Park’s Furnace Creek Campground is conveniently in the heart of the park. It’s the park’s most popular campsite, with 136 overnight sites (18 with RV connections) to accommodate all of your needs with your car camping. This Campground is also some of the selected numbers of campgrounds available throughout the summer when temperatures reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Reservations are only allowed from October to April when the park is busiest. You can find clean water for drinking, picnic tables for use, working toilets, and a campfire ring or a barbecue grill at all of the campgrounds. Once you set yourself up in the Campground, now you can start exploring North America’s hottest, driest, and lowest region, and Furnace Creek puts travelers right in the thick of it.

Address: DEATH VALLEY, CA 92328

2. Sunset Campground

Sunset Campground
Sunset Campground

This Campground is a fine option for those who have vans or RVs and are planning a getaway on the weekend or when there is an awesome weather window during peak winter months. However, it isn’t as scenic as the other campgrounds on this list (it’s essentially a large, gravel lot set right in the middle of the National Park). Although there are facilities with flush toilets and potable water stations around the area for your convenience, the campsites are modest and do not offer connections. Sunset Campground is in the heart of the activity, within walking distance of the restaurant and bar, the tourist center, and even Death Valley’s bizarre, evergreen golf course.

Address: DEATH VALLEY, California 92328

3. Texas Springs Campground

Texas Springs Campground
Texas Springs Campground

The picturesque Texas Springs Campground is about a mile down the road from Furnace Creek proper. This first-come, first-served campsite, surrounded by Death Valley’s iconic rainbow-striped cliffs, is only available during the park’s peak season, which runs from October to May. Since you can not make a booking here, it’s a great first choice for weekenders or last-minute campers looking for a convenient location with all the facilities they need. Picnic tables and fire pits are at 92 campsites, and potable water and flush toilets are only a short distance away. For RVers in need, there is also a dump station. Rejoice if you’re planning on tent camping! Texas Springs has a peculiar terrain that allows for some flora to flourish.

Address: DEATH VALLEY, California 92328


Best Places To Visit Near Death Valley

Best Places To Visit Near Death Valley
Best Places To Visit Near Death Valley

Sand Dunes near Stovepipe Wells

The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in the east of Stovepipe Wells is one of the most photographed sceneries of Death Valley both by locals and tourists. The view from this area is amazing in the early morning and late afternoon when the light hits the sculpted dunes, casting long curving shadows. On the horizon, mountains rise to provide the perfect backdrop. It’s sheer magic for photographers. You may take a stroll down the dunes or relax in a lawn chair. On busy spring days, it’s unusual to find a dune without someone going up or sprinting down it. But on some days, especially in January and February, you’ll certainly have the dunes to yourself.

Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin near the southern end of Death Valley National Park is the lowest spot of land in the western hemisphere, measuring 277 feet below sea level. And even in the winter, this place is quite hot. Badwater Lake is a tiny lake with mountains with a salt rim. However, there isn’t always water here. Badwater may be pretty full or have very little water, depending on the circumstances or the time of year. In any case, the neighborhood is intriguing and offers a variety of activities. When there is practically no visible water from the coast, you may walk out on the white salt flat for what seems like an eternity.


Checklist Before Camping In Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is the biggest park in the lower 48 United States, with an isolated desert and mountain setting. You should come prepared for a journey to Death Valley, with a car in good functioning shape and food and water on board. There are three petrol stations and businesses in the park, which provide great services. However, you’ll be away from such services most of the time. We have here some of the things you should have with you:

  • Water – a lot of if you are going in the peak season
  • Food
  • Ice and ice chest
  • Sun hat and sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Layers of light clothing
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Daypack or Camelbak
  • First aid kit
  • Hand purifier
  • Pocketknife
  • Smartphone or tablet
  • Cords to charge smartphone or tablet in the car
  • Camera


Can you make a campfire in Death Valley while camping in Death Valley?

There are fire pits in almost all of Death Valley’s campsites and RV parks. Some are exclusive to the Campground, while others are shared. However, since you’re in the desert, you won’t be able to get wood or kindling. Wood is occasionally available for purchase at the Stovepipe Wells store, but it is best to bring your own.

Is camping in Death Valley dangerous?

Death Valley, even though its name suggests it is not, is actually a safe place to camp, and you do not have to worry about your safety while camping there.


How many people can we bring all together for camping in Death Valley?

This depends on where you are going, but this number is between six to eight people.

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