6 Best Campgrounds in Colorado 2023

Camping, especially camping in Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains, is a great way to reconnect with nature.

And, with some of the greatest campgrounds in the country, Colorado is an excellent place to camp.

As a result, this list of the top camping locations in Colorado (in no particular order) is likely to increase over time.

In fact, according to Pagosa Daily Post, Between 2014-2020, the estimated occupancy of reservable campsites in Colorado filled in summer jumped from 43% in 2014 to 71% in 2020.

So there are both paid constructed campgrounds and free undeveloped rustic campsites.

Some are appropriate for tent camping, while others can accommodate a full-fledged travel trailer.

So go ahead and rent an RV in Denver and travel to the mountains!


GuideCamping In Colorado
Things to bringTent, Torch, etc
Best Places to Visit near Colorado Telluride, Aspen, etc.
CampgroundsThe Crags, Guanella Pass, etc.

Camping In Colorado

1. The Crags Campground (State Forest State Park)

The Crags Campground
The Crags Campground

While the rest of the family visits neighboring Rocky Mountain National Park, your family visits Crags Campground.

This campsite, located in State Forest State Park, is one of Colorado’s greatest spots for auto camping.

Not only is world-class climbing at Nokhu Crags nearby, but the American Lakes Trail also offers hiking and fly fishing.

Although the entrance roads might be difficult, most cars can generally make it. This campsite does not accept RVs or trailers.

Address: Divide, Colorado 80814

2. Camp Dick (Roosevelt National Forest)

Camp Dick (Roosevelt National Forest)
Camp Dick (Roosevelt National Forest)

Your canines will have plenty of room to run about at the pet-friendly campsite. The soothing sound of nearby water is soothing.

It’s also a fantastic spot to cool down on hot days. Fishing, horseback riding, motorcycling, and simply enjoying nature are other surrounding activities.

It’s only a 25-minute drive to Rocky Mountain National Park. Tents and RVs are both permitted.

Pit toilets, running water, and garbage service are among the amenities.

Address: Lyons, Colorado 80540

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3. Guanella Pass Campground (Arapaho National Forest)

Guanella Pass Campground
Guanella Pass Campground

It supports a pioneering attitude, which you’ll adore. Explore historic wagon tracks and ghost villages or watch reenactments of wagon days.

In the spruce forest, gather your campfire wood, trek challenging routes, or spend the whole day trout fishing.

Both RVs and tents are welcome. Although RVs should stay off the Guanella Scenic Byway.

Even in the summer, the campground is at the height of nearly 10,000 feet, so expect chilly evenings.

Address: Guanella Pass Rd, Idaho Springs, CO 80452

4. Mueller’s Campground (Mueller State Park)

Mueller's Campground (Mueller State Park)
Mueller’s Campground (Mueller State Park)

Black bears, deer, elk, fox, coyotes, and bighorn sheep live near Mueller’s Campground.

The Continental Divide to the west and Pikes Peak to the east provide breathtaking vistas. Four Mile Creek is a great place to go fishing. The route to Dome Rock is excellent for hiking.

Campers in RVs and tents are welcome. Pets are permitted. There are flush toilets, drinkable water, and an RV dump station at this park.

Address: 21045 CO-67, Divide, CO 80814

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5. Dunton Hot Springs (Telluride)

Dunton Hot Springs (Telluride)
Dunton Hot Springs (Telluride)

We believe this is one of the most fantastic spots for glamping in Colorado since it seems more like a resort with a pleasant outdoor ambiance.

Dunton Hot Springs is a rebuilt Old West village with complete contemporary facilities, located just across the mountain from the world-famous Telluride.

There’s also a bar, dancehall, hot-spring spa, and access to a private section of the Dolores River on the meadowed property.

Book a stay in one of the eight big safari tents erected atop a wooden platform with luxurious furniture inside for a taste of luxury camping.

Address: 52068 Road 38, Dolores, CO 81323

6. Turquoise Lake Recreation Area (San Isabel National Forest)

Turquoise Lake Recreation Area
Turquoise Lake Recreation Area

This Lake has eight campsites to select from, so there are plenty of possibilities.

The campsites are all located around or near the 1,800-acre lake, flanked on all sides by a dense evergreen forest and some of Colorado’s most stunning mountains.

Two of our favorite campgrounds in the region are Molly Brown Campground and Baby Doe Campground.

Don’t miss the Mineral Belt Bike Trail, which begins in neighboring Leadville and swings through Mineral Belt. It’s a simple hike that the entire family will enjoy.

Address: 2015 N Poplar St, Leadville, CO 80461-3356

Best Places To Visit near Colorado

Best Places To Visit near Colorado
Best Places To Visit near Colorado


Although the origin of this Colorado village’s unusual name is uncertain, there are two leading possibilities.

The first is that Telluride came to light from the term “tellurium,” a nonmetallic element (typically associated with gold resources) that drew so many early settlers to the area.

However, many locals will tell you that the name is just an abbreviated version of “to hell you ride” – a clever explanation underlines the world-class ski slopes that attract thousands of visitors each year.

Powder seekers will discover more than 2,000 acres of skiable terrain suitable for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.


Few places can compete with Aspen in terms of winter wonderland status.

The rising Colorado Rockies surrounds the magnificent chalets of this area.

That is why this scenic alpine hamlet seems like something out of a snow globe itself.

Of course, skiing is a major attraction here, and there are four great ski resorts nearby that cater to powder hunters of all abilities.

It may be tough to get to the slopes with all of the high-end shopping, intriguing museums, creative galleries, and entertaining events that Aspen has to offer.

It will be a trip you will never forget, no matter how you spend your time here.

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Checklist Before Camping In Colorado

Car camping is a terrific option to visit many attractions in a short amount of time for a low cost.

When camping with a vehicle, you don’t have to worry about carrying goods into the woods.

It only takes a few steps from your car to get there.

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Light
  • Clothes
  • Chair
  • Fire


Do I have to pay for the camping in Colorado?

Varying from the campground to campground, you might have to pay a fee to occupy the place, but there are always free places, as mentioned in this article.

How difficult is it to find a parking spot for camping in Colorado?

It depends on how popular the area is and if it is limited to a certain number of people.

You can always check how busy it is before you go and make your decision.

Is camping in Colorado dangerous?

If you do not camp out in the wild, camping in Colorado is not dangerous.

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