5 Best Tenant Background Check Sites In 2024

The tenant background check sites can be your savior if you want to lend your property to potential tenants and want to get them screened before letting them on your premises.

You may be wondering why run background checks on your tenants in the first place?

Well, it is highly crucial to do so so that you know if the person you are harboring does not have any criminal background or to know in advance how their credit score is.

You can even get a report on any eviction notices that they have been served.

All this information can help you decide and choose the best possible applicant.

Now that you know the importance of getting a tenant screening done let’s look at the best sites that will help you in this.


What Is Tenant Screening Service??


Tenant Background Check involves screening candidates who apply to lend your property.

A Tenant Background Check involves reports on a person’s criminal history, eviction reports, credit score data, references, police records, and more.

There are different sites offering different services at various prices.

Let’s have a look at these so that you can find the one that suits you best according to your needs:

5 Best Tenant Background Check Sites

Have a look at these excellent sites for tenant background checks:

1) RentPrep – Best FCRA-Certified Screeners


RentPrep is a popular and excellent website to carry out tenant background checks.

Using it, you can access reports, including Eviction reports, Income verification reports, Credit reports, and more.

The best part about RentPrep is that they have FCRA-certified screeners, which means that these experts will cross-verify the reports you get. If you are keen on the accuracy, then RentPrep is for you.

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  • Availability of background check.
  • Applicant pays feature.
  • FCRA-certified screeners.

User Experience

RentPrep user experience
RentPrep user experience


RentPrep becomes an excellent choice even when it comes to pricing.

The most basic plan at RentPrep starts from $21, and it goes further up if you decide to choose any add-on from the available options.

Pros And Cons

  • Affordable plans.
  • Offers coupon codes for first-time users.
  • No need to buy any subscription.
  • Reports can be customized.
  • Credit check reports are not very comprehensive.


2) SmartMove – Best Credit Reports


SmartMove offers the best credit score reports backed by the reliability of TransUnion.

If you are someone who especially wants access to credit reports and the rest other things are not that important to you, then SmartMove is for you.

It is a reputable company, and you can use it on a pay-per-report basis too. However, it is not ideal for someone looking for full-fledged reports.

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  • Identity verification.
  • Straight forward interface.
  • Resident score.
  • Leasing recommendation

User Experience

Smartmove user experience
Smartmove user experience


SmartMove offers three plans. The most basic plan costs $25. The Standard check costs $38, and the premium costs $40.

Pros And Cons

  • Pay per report.
  • Access to full credit report with score.
  • Reputable company.
  • Option where tenant can pay for their reports.
  • Not a hundred per cent accurate.
  • Requires tenant involvement.


Hear it out from Reddit users:

Need a new tenant screening company?
by u/SandyEcho in Landlord

3) Rentberry – Best Tenant Background Check Site


Rentberry is a very popular and our top favorite site to choose from. What makes it special is that you can do everything online without even moving out of your house.

Be it house tour, payment, maintenance, filling formalities, etc. This is perfect for both tenants and landlords, and both parties can very easily do their respective jobs.

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  • A virtual tour is available.
  • E-sign papers.
  • Bid custom offers.
  • Send maintenance requests online.

User Experience

Rentberry user experience
Rentberry user experience


Rentberry charges $19.99, and the report includes credit score, criminal history, driving, and civil records.

Although the report does not have a lot of details available, it is certainly affordable.

Pros And Cons

  • Paperless process.
  • Free of cost.
  • Virtual tour is available.
  • Secure.
  • Customer service isn’t the best.


4) First Advantage – Best Online Background Checks

First Advantage
First Advantage

First Advantage holds a good reputation among customers and offers effective tenant background checks.

Using it, you can get your hands on reports, including criminal records, drivers record, eviction reports, etc. Let’s have a look at other details of First Advantage below.

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  • Offers online background checks.
  • Reports can be customized.
  • Caters to more than fifteen industries.

User Experience

First Advantage user experience
First Advantage user experience


First Advantage offers four plans. The most basic plan starts from $20 onwards and goes up to $105 for the most comprehensive reports.

Pros And Cons

  • Holds good reputation.
  • Also offers background checks.
  • Accurate reports.
  • Bit expensive.
  • Slow turn-around time of reports.

5) Apartments.com – Best Digital Process


Apartments.com is a rental management company that we love. It has helped millions of tenants and landlords to help find homes and rent properties, respectively.

Using it, the landlords can list their apartments, and the tenants can easily find the ones they like for themselves.

Apartments.com gives you reports with information like income-to-rent ratio, credit score reports, criminal reports, etc.

It is best for landlords as they can ask their tenants to pay for their reports, and also everything can be carried out online.

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  • Generate lease online.
  • Collect payments online.
  • Manage maintenance.

User Experience

Apartments.com user experience
Apartments.com user experience


Apartments.com is free of cost for the landlords, and even tenants would be charged only 2.75% if they make payment using a credit card or debit card.

Pros And Cons

  • Secure and fast.
  • Access to credit reports and background checks.
  • Easy online process.
  • Some glitches in the app need fixing.



ComparisonTrustpilot RatingsFoundedFeaturesBBB RatingPrice
Rentberry2.92015Virtual tour,
E-sign papers, etc.
Not accredited$19.99 per report
First Advantage2.82003Customized reports, online background checks, etc.Not accredited$20 onwards
Apartments.Com2.31992Collect payments online, Manage maintenance, etc.Not accreditedFree
SmartMove3.72008Resident score, Leasing recommendation, etc.Not accredited$25 per report
RentPrepNot available2007FCRA-certified screeners, Applicant pay feature, etc.Not accredited$21 per report

How Does A Tenant Screening Service Benefit The Landlord?

Getting a potential tenant screened can help the landlord in many ways.

With a tenant background check report, the landlord can determine beforehand whether the tenant pays the rent on time or not, what is their credit score like, and in some cases, they also get to know about any personal or student loan that the tenant has which may hinder payments.

They can also see the applicant’s rental history and eviction notices if any.

All these things can help the landlord immensely to make a prudent decision while renting out his/her place.

Things To Look For Before Choosing A Tenant Screening Service

These are the following things that we look for while choosing a Tenant Screening Service:

  • The service should be FCRA-compliant
  • Company’s reputation and history
  • Accreditations
  • Price and plans offered
  • Amount of information offered
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Human-verified reports

What do Tenant Background Check Services offer?

Tenant Background Check Services offer a couple of important checks, these may include the following:

  • Credit Reports
  • Eviction reports
  • Police records
  • Criminal reports
  • Reference checks
  • Income reports
  • Felony or misdemeanor charges
  • Background checks, and more.


This was our take on the five best Tenant Screening Services that are available out there.

In this article, we shared our top five favorite sites with you, and you can choose any of these that fits your criteria the best.

And remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Hence, run background checks on your tenants before letting them into your house, that too for your own safety.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found what you were looking for.


Do I have to take my tenant's approval before running background checks on them?

Yes, in most cases, you are required to ask for your tenant’s approval before accessing their reports.

This is important to safeguard the tenant’s personal information.

And note if you do not comply with this standard procedure, it may be considered illegal.

Do I have to pay for my tenant's background check reports?

Many sites offer the option where the landlord can ask the tenants to pay for the background checks such as Rentprep, Rentberry, and more. And also, essentially, the tenant is required to pay for their background checks.

Is it really necessary to run tenant screening?

Yes, you should most definitely do tenant screenings to save yourself from any harm or danger.

Many times, we are completely unaware of the tenant’s identity, and for all we know, some of them can be dangerous or even criminals.

You wouldn’t want to give them abode on your premises, right? So run tenant background checks always to keep yourself safe.

For how long does an eviction notice history remain on the tenant's background check report?

Eviction history details are shown in the tenant’s report for seven years as per the guidelines issued by FCRA.

How much does a tenant screening service costs?

Tenant screening services can cost anywhere between $19-$25 per report.

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