🔥 BeenVerified Vs Truthfinder 2023: The Better Option?

If you have been looking for the best background check companies, you must have come across these two names – BeenVerified & Truthfinder, the two most popular.

In this BeenVerified vs. Truthfinder article, we aim to help you decide which is better by comparing the two based on features, price, accuracy, customer support, etc. So let’s begin!

BeenVerified Overview

Founded in 2007, BeenVerified is a prominent brand that offers online background check services. With over a decade of experience, the company has become a trusted resource for individuals seeking to access public records and obtain information about others.

Whether for personal reasons, professional purposes, or safety concerns, BeenVerified provides a user-friendly platform that aggregates data from various sources to produce comprehensive reports on individuals.

Truthfinder Overview

Truthfinder Overview

Established in 2015, Truthfinder is a relatively newer player in the field of online public records search and background checks. Despite being a younger brand, Truthfinder has quickly gained recognition for its ability to deliver in-depth and up-to-date information about people.

The company’s dedication to utilizing multiple data sources ensures that users receive accurate reports that can aid them in making important decisions regarding relationships, safety, and other aspects of life.

BeenVerified vs. Truthfinder Comparison


BeenVerified Features

  1. People Search
  2. Phone Lookup
  3. Email Lookup
  4. Address Lookup
  5. Vehicle Search
  6. Username Search
  7. Unclaimed Money Search

TruthFinder Features

  1. People Search
  2. Reverse Phone Lookup
  3. Background Check
  4. Reverse Address Lookup
  5. Public Records Search
  6. Dark Web Scan


Both BeenVerified and TruthFinder offer a wide range of search options to provide users with comprehensive background information. BeenVerified stands out for its additional feature of Unclaimed Money Search, while TruthFinder distinguishes itself by including a Dark Web Scan. The ultimate choice between the two depends on individual preferences and the specific information a user is seeking.

Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

Because all age groups use background check platforms, it is essential to have an interface that is easy to operate and use.


In the case of BeenVerified, you will see a search bar right on top as soon as you open their website.

All the search options are present just above the search bar, and you just have to click on the feature you want to run the search and enter search details accordingly.

Below, you will find information about what information can be obtained using different features, followed by articles on various topics that you can read for additional information.


In the case of Truthfinder, again, you will see the same search bar right when you open the website.

However, a new search tab will open based on your chosen search option, making it different from BeenVerified.

We do not feel that this makes it difficult or anything. The ease of use remains the same.

Below this, you will be able to see customer reviews, and then just right at the bottom, you will see many options which will redirect you to small-sized useful articles and other things.

We feel that TruthFinder and BeenVerified are equally easy in terms of the interface.

Price & Plans

BeenVerified offers two kinds of plans, and TruthFinder offers three kinds of plans. Let us have a look at them:

BeenVerified Price & Plans

One month Membership $22.86 a month
3-Month Membership$14.86 a month

TruthFinder Price & Plans

One month Reverse Phone Lookup$4.99 month
One Month Plan$27.78 a month
2-Month Plan$23.02 a month

Well, clearly, in terms of price, BeenVerified is cheaper than TruthFinder.

Also, to download the report, Truthfinder charges an additional fee of $2, which is not the case with BeenVerified. So if you have a tight budget, maybe you should go with BeenVerified.

Winner – BeenVerified

Reports & Accuracy

Reports & Accuracy


In a single search, BeenVerified reveals the highest number of connected people.

Also, once you subscribe to their monthly membership, you can run unlimited searches, and the best part is that this site updates you each time any new information is added about the person you searched for.

Apart from this, the reports offered by BeenVerified are pretty easy to understand.

You will be able to see sections such as Personal Overview, Relatives, Address History, Contact Information, and more with brief information.

There is no scope for second-guessing; what you see will exactly be what is in it.


If we talk about TruthFinder, even this website offers unlimited reports with a subscription.

Before signing up, you can even see on their website all information you will be able to access in the report.

What makes TruthFinder better than BeenVerified is that it is known for providing accurate and updated information.

And not only this, the amount of information on TruthFinder is much more extensive as compared to BeenVerified.

And if you think that so much information will make it difficult for you to understand what’s in the report, that’s not the case.

It is super easy to understand the report’s content, making it a better choice.

Winner – TruthFinder

Sign Up Process


The signup process on BeenVerified is very straightforward. Once you visit the website, you need to click on the “Sign up” option in the top right corner, select a plan, pay for it, enter your details, and that’s pretty much it.


And on TruthFinder, the process is quite the opposite. Here you do your search first, and before accessing the report, you will need to create an account and pay for the chosen subscription. We find BeenVerified’s process much better.

Winner – BeenVerified

Opt-Out Process

Considering the opt-out process while choosing a background check company is important to avoid refund or cancellation difficulties.


So if we talk about BeenVerified, the opt-out process here is easy.

There are two ways in which you can opt-out. One is by contacting customer service, and the other is by raising a cancellation request on their website.


However, on TruthFinder, you can opt-out of their service by visiting their opt-out website and following five simple steps, or you can contact their customer service.

We like TruthFinder more in the opt-out process because it lets you opt out yourself without relying on or waiting for customer support to do it for you.

Winner – TruthFinder

Customer Support

Customer Support

A company’s customer support is the most overlooked part, and people don’t realize its importance until they are faced with a challenge that only good customer support can deal with.

So in terms of customer support, BeenVerified and TruthFinder are equally good.


There are three ways to contact BeenVerified’s customer support: email, call, or live chat. They are available daily from 6 am – 11:30 pm EST.

For general queries, you can even go to its support section at the bottom of the page, where you will find many articles on various common topics.


There are two ways to contact TruthFinder’s customer support: email or call. They are available from Mon-Fri 7:00 am to 7:00 pm PST.

However, there is one thing that gives TruthFinder an edge over BeenVerified, and that is that they also offer Spanish support.

Winner – TruthFinder

BeenVerified Vs. Truthfinder: Winner?

So in this BeenVerified Vs. Truthfinder article, we compared the two based on several points, and now we must choose a winner.

So regarding the features and ease of use, both companies are equally good, and the better choice is very subjective.

Based on the rest of the points, Truthfinder is slightly better than BeenVerified. Now it is up to you to decide which of these you want.

We hope you found this comparison of BeenVerified Vs. Truthfinder useful.


Is there a better background check site than TruthFinder?

Although TruthFinder has many positive ratings, competitive pricing, and an array of services and features, it is a great site.

But if you are looking for a background check site for obtaining crime or social media details in depth, you can check out Instant Checkmate and Intelius.

Is TruthFinder free of cost?

Best background check sites like TruthFinder offer the most accurate information, and you need to pay a certain amount to avail of their services. So no, TruthFinder is not free.

Is BeenVerified reliable?

BeenVerified is highly reliable, and this is because it constantly updates information on its portal, so you never get obsolete information on someone.

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