BeenVerified vs Spokeo (2024 Comparison & Winner)

With digitalization, making sure that the person you are talking to is telling the truth is becoming much easier through public records available to everyone.

When an employer wants to hire someone or someone wants to learn more about their date, they can use this public information.

However, piling up all these public records by yourself takes an immense amount of time, and you might not be able to access all the information you want to see.

BeenVerified and Spokeo are two of the most popular background check services.

They present these files more colorful and understandable, making it easier for users to understand them.

Most people use them to find what they want to find in someone, and these services have proven themselves to a certain extent.

But, if you were to choose one, which one should you choose and why?

Based OnBeenVerifiedSpokeo
Pricing$26.89/mo ($17.48/mo for 3 months membership)$19.95/mo ($14.95/mo for 3 months membership)
ReportsAddress, phone number, email lookup, city, state, criminal record, sex offenses, bankruptcies, court judgments, birth records, genealogy records, social media profiles, assets, marriage & divorcesAddress, phone number, email lookup, city, state, criminal record, sex offenses, birth records, genealogy records, social media profiles, marriage & divorces
Payment MethodVisa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, DiscoverVisa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
FeaturesMobile-friendly website, iOS & Android appMobile-friendly website, iOS & Android app
Customer SupportEmail, on-call, Twitter, FacebookEmail, virtual chat assistant, on-call, Twitter, Facebook
BeenVerified vs Spokeo

Beenverified Overview


BeenVerified is a very popular background check service, mostly known due to its ads on national television in the 2010s.

They always highlighted their ability to legally show you the documents of another person’s background.

Since then, thousands have been using BeenVerified to get the information they want or need about someone in an easy-to-read report.

BeenVerified searches the public records available to the public and gives you a complete report created by this information.

In their report, they add small additions such as images from Google Maps and photos from social media sites and try to make it as reader-friendly as they can.

In addition to their easy-to-read reports, BeenVerified also sends you a notification for every piece of information that changes in your report.

Spokeo Overview


Spokeo first started as a service to pull information from the social media profiles of the target person by Stanford University graduates.

Over time, this service evolved into a fully comprehensive background check service, ticking every box.

Spokeo, just like BeenVerified, aims to give a smooth experience with their reports and make it as easy as it can be to read them.

Instead of giving you a wall of text, you get a report that resembles a personal CV, and you can see all the details in that.

You can also see a sample of their report on their website to get a sense of what it looks like.

Just like BeenVerified, Spokeo’s website is also compatible with mobile phones, and they also have iOS & Android mobile apps available to download.1

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BeenVerified vs Spokeo: Comparison



  • VIN number lookups
  • Accident & salvage lookups
  • Theft records lookups
  • Sales & background searches
  • Title checks
  • Specifications & equipment details
  • Market values & ownership cost
  • Multiple ways to search. Search people, addresses and more!


  • Contact Information
  • Email Lookup
  • Name Lookup
  • Address Lookup
  • Location History
  • Personal Details
  • Phone Lookup
  • Family and Associates
  • Wealth Data
  • Criminal Records
  • Social Media Accounts

We like BeenVerified slightly more because it offers more features than Spokeo.

Winner: BeenVerified

Ease of Use

BeenVerified vs. Spokeo - Usability


Beenverified’s platform is designed for ease of use. It’s very robust and modern. You can get the results you want immediately without getting lost on the website. 


Spokeo’s platform is squeaky clean. Its aim, just like with its reports, is to make everything easy.

Making a search is just one click away after you put in the necessary information, and it gives you what you want right after.

Both platforms’ usability is quite good, but Spokeo is better in terms of its modern design, making it easy to understand and use.

Winner: Spokeo

Sign Up Process

BeenVerified vs. Spokeo - Sign Up Process


BeenVerified offers a rather faster and more efficient sign-up process.

You click on the sign-up button, make the search you want to do, and in the end, choose your package, make the payment, and sign up. You also get the search you made when you started the sign-up process.


Spokeo’s sign-up process is as easy as it gets. Like BeenVerified, you click on the sign-up button, and you immediately get to choose which membership you want, pay for it, and finish the process.

Both platforms offer similar sign-up experiences, but Spokeo is more user-friendly and easier than BeenVerified.

Winner: Spokeo

Opt-Out Process

BeenVerified vs. Spokeo - Opt-Out Process


The opt-out process of BeenVerified can happen only during work hours via email or phone call. There is no option to automatically disable it yourself on their platform.


Spokeo’s opt-out process is very simple and easy. You just need to go to your account settings and click on the “cancel” button. Your account will be canceled without anything else to do.

Spokeo’s opt-out process is extremely fast and easy. There is no need to call or email anyone so we like it more.

Winner: Spokeo

User Interface

BeenVerified vs. Spokeo - Ease Of Use


BeenVerified is very down to the bat. You can get what you want in under five minutes and see your search report.


Spokeo aims to be sort of a search engine with their background check service.

That’s why you can just simply make a search with one click on their website by only entering the details of the search. You then immediately get what you want.

Both platforms are very easy to use, but Spokeo works like magic, with zero complications. So we prefer it more to BeenVerified.

Winner: Spokeo


BeenVerified vs. Spokeo - Accuracy


BeenVerified provides information from public sources and searches through these records to create the report.

Some reviews state that they got several results for some lookups like phone and address lookups. However, the same reviews also state that most reports were accurate.


Spokeo’s accuracy is not always guaranteed and accurate, but according to the reviews, most reports they provide are accurate.

They use public records such as court records, property records, and social networks to provide results, which makes it even easier to trust the results.

In terms of accuracy, we like both platforms the the same, so it is upto you to decide which one you would prefer.

Price & Plans

BeenVerified Price & Plans

One month Membership $26.89 a month
3-Month Membership$17.48 a month

Beenverified’s pricing is $26.89/mo. You can get it for $17.48/mo if you opt for a 3-month membership.

Spokeo Pricing

One month Membership $19,95 a month
3-Month Membership$14.95 a month

Spokeo’s pricing is $19.95/mo. Similar to BeenVerified, you can get it for $14.95/mo if you opt for a 3-month membership.

They serve different purposes, but if pricing is the only thing to look for, Spokeo is as advantageous as it gets.

We also compared the pricing of Spokeo with Intelius and were surprised to see how it performed.

Winner: Spokeo

Customer Support



BeenVerified offers email, on-call, and social media support on Twitter & Facebook. There is no 7/24 or live chat help with customer support.


Spokeo offers on-call, email, virtual chat assistance, and social media help on Twitter & Facebook. Similar to Beenverified’s support, they also don’t have 7/24 or live chat support.

They both don’t offer 24/7 calls, but Spokeo offers some additional customer support, like a virtual chat assistant where you don’t need to wait for anyone to get results. Hence, it is the winner here.

Winner: Spokeo


Beenverified Vs. Spokeo: Winner?

Both Beenverified and Spokeo are extremely robust, modern, and easy-to-use background check services that are legitimate enough to trust.

They both give you reports that are easy to read and use public information to get the most accurate information possible. Your choice mostly depends on your needs.

BeenVerified is a slightly more professional service with a multi-layered report that keeps track of all the changes in the reports you create.

Spokeo just gives you the raw data in an easy-to-read report and also costs less than BeenVerified.

In the end, both platforms fit the need for a modern service and provide the most accurate results.

We also compared Spokeo with Instant Checkmate and Beenverified with Intelius and were shocked to see how the two performed against other background check sites.


Are Beenverified and Spokeo scams?

No, both of them are legitimate businesses that have been in this business for years, providing results to hundreds of customers.

Can Beenverified and Spokeo guarantee fully accurate results?

They can’t guarantee 100% accurate results as they only have the public information available, and the data might not always match what you are looking for.

Additionally, the data might be outdated. So there are wrong data from time to time that you might get in your reports.

Can I use BeenVerified or Spokeo for only one report?

Both of these services mostly work on a subscription basis, but they also offer report-based packages that you can get.

Getting one individual report might not be possible, but you can get just a package instead of a renewing subscription package.


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