BeenVerified Vs Instant Checkmate (2024 Comparison & Winner)

BeenVerified Vs Instant Checkmate

There is always an impending risk when you meet someone for the first time, move into a new neighborhood, hire an employee, etc.

Collecting information and verifying a background yourself can be time-consuming and really difficult.

But thanks to people search and background check companies, you can look up the background of a person and find all essential details within minutes.

There are so many background check sites, and choosing among them can be really confusing.

In this guide, however, we aim to find out which one among BeenVerified Vs. Instant Checkmate, the two most famous sites, is better.

Let’s Find out!

Based OnBeenVerifiedInstant Checkmate
Pricing$26.89/mo ($17.48/mo for 3 months membership)$35.12/mo ($28.09/mo for 3-month membership)
ReportsAddress, phone number, email lookup, city, state, criminal record, sex offenses, bankruptcies, court judgments, birth records, genealogy records, social media profiles, assets, marriage & divorcesBirth information, phone numbers, photos, social media profiles, address history, assets the person owns, employment past, criminal records, email addresses, educational past, business ownership, traffic records, etc.
Payment MethodVisa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, DiscoverPaypal, Mastercard, Visa.
FeaturesMobile-friendly website, iOS & Android appMobile-friendly website, Android app
Customer SupportEmail, on-call, Twitter, FacebookOn-call, email, Facebook & Twitter, physical address

BeenVerified Overview

BeenVerified overview

BeenVerified was founded in 2007, and it is known for offering affordable access to public information.

This people search platform aggregates public records from a variety of sources.

BeenVerified offers eight kinds of products, including person search, phone search, vehicle search, unclaimed money, address search, social media search, email search, search, and business search.

Another thing that BeenVerified is known for is that it charges way lower than its competitors for a single report.

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Instant Checkmate Overview

Instant Checkmate overview

Instant Checkmate is another well-known background check company that is known for its customer service and comprehensive reports.

This platform scans through millions of local, state, and national records to present you with a comprehensive report.

Instant Checkmate offers four products, including Reverse Phone Lookup, Inmate Search, People Search, and Criminal Records Database.

Using this platform, you can find a variety of reports, including phone numbers, arrest records, census data, demographic data, and more.

To find out which platform is better among the two, keep reading.

BeenVerified Vs. Instant Checkmate Comparison


BeenVerified Vs. Instant Checkmate Features


  1. People Search
  2. Phone Lookup
  3. Email Lookup
  4. Address Lookup
  5. Vehicle Search
  6. Username Search
  7. Unclaimed Money Search

Instant Checkmate

  1. People Search
  2. Reverse Phone Lookup
  3. Criminal background check
  4. Traffic Records Database
  5. Inmate Search

Although Insant Checkmate offers a unique- Inmate search. BeenVerified offers much wider variety of tools making it a better choice in terms of features.

Winner: BeenVerified

Ease of Use

BeenVerified Usability


BeenVerified has a modern and robust web design. As soon as you enter the website, you can find all the search tools right on top.

The website also features an FAQ section where they have answered all the common queries that you might have. Overall, BeenVerified is easy-to-use, and you can get the hang of it very easily.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate, too, has a search bar with tools available right on the first page, so you can start your search immediately without any fuss. Even this platform has an FAQ section that contains answers to all your possible queries.

So Instant Checkmate is easy to navigate as well and has a sorted design.

Since both BeenVerified and Instant Checkmate are equally easy-to-use and efficient, its a tie.

Pricing & Plans

BeenVerified Pricing

One month Membership $26.89 a month
3-Month Membership$17.48 a month

You have to pay $26.89 for BeenVerified for a monthly membership and $17.48 per month for a 3-month membership.

Instant Checkmate Pricing

One month Membership $35.12 a month
3-Month Membership$28.09 a month

You have to pay $35.12 for Instant Checkmate for a monthly membership and $28.09 per month for a 3-month membership.

BeenVerified is much cheaper as compared to Instant Checkmate for both monthly and quarterly plan.

We also compared Instant Checkmate with TruthFinder, & were shocked to find a cheaper otpion.

Winner: BeenVerified

Sign Up Process

BeenVerified Sign Up Process


To sign up on BeenVerified, you simply have to enter the website and click on the signup option at the top right.

Once you click it, the site will take some time, and then it will take you to the payment page, where you can choose the membership you want.

There are three payment options that it offers: PayPal, debit card, and credit card, using which you can pay and create your account.

Overall the process is swift and easy.

Instant Checkmate

To sign up on Instant Checkmate, you first need to search for a person using your preferred tool.

Then the site would prompt you with some questions and scan through the data to generate a report.

In order to access the report, you would have to first create your account and pay for the subscription.

Instant Checkmate takes more time to scan and generate a report and allows you to sign up only after this. Since BeenVerified is much faster, it is the winner for the ease in sign-up process.

Winner: BeenVerified

Opt-Out Process



To opt out of BeenVerified, you simply have to send an email to them sharing your information, including your name as shown on their site, current address (City, State, Zip), previous addresses, your age, and listed relatives.

After this, the company will remove your information from their site.

Instant Checkmate

To opt-out from Instant Checkmate, you have to visit their opt-out page and then search for your listing.

Once you find your listing, click on remove this record, and then you will have to fill in your email id and type in the CAPTCHA.

After this, you will receive a verification link in your email, and once you click on it, your information will be removed from their platform.

The opt-out process for the both the paltforms is equally easy, so its upto you which one you like the best.

User Interface

BeenVerified Ease Of Use


Using BeenVerified is a no-brainer. By following minimum steps, it generates a report for you, and the best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Instant Checkmate

Even Instant Checkmate is similar to BeenVerified in terms of how you can use it to generate reports. But Instant Checkmate takes more time to load and present a report.

Winner: BeenVerified

Reports & Accuracy

BeenVerified Vs. Instant Checkmate Accuracy


All background check companies accumulate information from a variety of publicly available sources; hence no company can guarantee 100% accurate results.

BeenVerified has somewhat positive reviews about the accuracy of information people found on this website.

Instant Checkmate

According to customer reviews online, Instant Checkmate has mixed reviews on its accuracy. Some people think that they offer accurate results, while others criticize them for providing inaccurate or incomplete information.

Since BeenVerified has more positive reviews about the accuracy of reports compared to Instant Checkmate, it’s a better choice.

We also compared BeenVerified with Spokeo, and were impressed by how Spokeo is another great option in terms of accuracy.

Winner: BeenVerified

Customer Support

BeenVerified Vs. Instant Checkmate Customer Support


You can reach out to BeenVerified’s customer service via email, call, or via social media channels on Twitter & Facebook anytime, 24×7.

Instant Checkmate

You can get in touch with Instant Checkmate’s customer support via call or email. Unlike BeenVerified, they are only available during their work hours and not 24×7.

One can reach BeenVerified’s support any time, so its a better choice in terms of support.

Winner: BeenVerified

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BeenVerified Vs. Instant Checkmate: Winner?

Both Instant Checkmate and BeenVerified are good people-search websites that are robust, minimal, and easy to use.

But since we have to choose one, Instant Checkmate is a better people search site.

Be it ease of use, accuracy or report, customer service, or price, BeenVerified is a better choice compared to Instant Checkmate.

We also compared BeenVerified with Intelius and Instant Checkmate with Spokeo and we were shocked to find the winners!

We hope this guide on BeenVerified Vs. Instant Checkmate is useful to you.


Is BeenVerified accredited to Better Bureau Business?

No, BeenVerified is not accredited to Better Bureau Business. Hence, we suggest you to read their privacy policy before diving in.

Is Instant Checkmate accredited to Better Bureau Business?

Yes, Instant Checkmate has been accredited by BBB for years and has an A+ rating.

Does Instant Checkmate or BeenVerified notify the person you search?

No, both Instant Checkmate and BeenVerified does not notify the person you search for. So you can look up people without any worries.

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