At What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close In 2022?

A huge number of people visit Hobby Lobby around the holidays to pick up arts and crafts supplies, home accents, and more, to decorate homes and make gifts for Christmas.

With more than 932 stores all over the country, the store is a haven for art & craft enthusiasts, artists, and creative souls. 

However, people are often confused about what time Hobby Lobby closes, so we have put together this article to answer all the questions regarding Hobby Lobby’s hours of operation, open and close days, holiday schedule, popular FAQ, and much more.

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Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby

About Hobby Lobby 

About Hobby Lobby
About Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is an American retail company that owns a chain of arts and crafts stores in over 47 states.

Established in 1972 by David Green, the company offers a massive selection of arts and crafts and home décor products, including home accents, paper crafting supplies, floral, fabric, and need art, wearable arts, and custom framing baskets. 

Hobby Lobby is a leader in crafts and home décor merchandise, with over 932 stores operating in 47 states across the United States.

Today, Hobby Lobby is a go-to destination for art & craft lovers and also offers arts and classes for kids and elders. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at what time does Hobby Lobby close, is open its weekend and holiday hours, and much more. 

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At What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close? 

Hobby Lobby opens at 9 am, closes at 8 pm from Monday to Saturday, and remains closed on Sunday.

Since each store of Hobby Lobby o owned by independent franchise owners, the opening and closing times can be different at some stores, but in most cases, the hours of operation remain the same.

Customers are recommended to check out the timings with the Hobby Lobby in your area via the Hobby Lobby store locator tool to know the exact timings of the store prior to the visit.

Hobby Lobby Weekly Timetable

Below is a weekly timetable of Hobby Lobby, listing its hours of operation, closing, and opening times from Monday to Sunday.  

Days            At What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close? 
Monday09:00 AM- 08:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM- 08:00 PM
Wednesday09:00 AM- 08:00 PM
Thursday09:00 AM- 08:00 PM
Friday09:00 AM- 08:00 PM
Saturday09:00 AM- 08:00 PM

Hobby Lobby Hours Of Operation

Please note that the timings mentioned above can be subject to changes based on the store’s location and other circumstances.

Make sure to check the Hobby Lobby hours or what time Hobby Lobby close before planning a trip.

How To Find The Hobby Lobby Store Hours?

How to Find the Hobby Lobby Store Hours?
How to Find the Hobby Lobby Store Hours?

Normally Hobby Lobby stores are open for business for the entire week, even on Sundays.

There is a variety of tools available online, which are specially designed to make it easy for the customers to find the Hobby Lobby Hours of operation. 

  • Hobby Lobby Store locator

Hobby Lobby Store Locator is probably one of the best tools available online that lets you find the closest Hobby Lobby near you in a blink of an eye.

Simply follow the instruction below: 

  1. Open your browser and visit the Hobby Lobby store locator.
  2. Type your city, state, and zip code to get a list of Hobby Lobby outlets to locations near you. 
  3. Click in the desired location to see what time does Hobby Lobby is close to you. 

At What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close Today?

The closing time of Hobby Lobby is 8:00 pm, six days a week, from Monday to Sunday.

However, closing timings may differ from store to store based on location, so, just to be sure, don’t forget to check the store hours and plan your visit accordingly. 

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close Every day? 

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close Every day?
What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close Every day?

For those interested in knowing what time Hobby Lobby closes, here is a daily working hour of Hobby Lobby from Monday to Sunday.

Let’s take a look:

  • Monday: Hobby Lobby operates between 09:00 am- 08:00 pm. 
  • Tuesday: Hobby Lobby operates between 09:00 am- 08:00 pm. 
  • Wednesday: Hobby Lobby operates between 09:00 am- 08:00 pm. 
  • Thursday: Hobby Lobby operates between 09:00 am– 08:00 pm. 
  • Friday: Hobby Lobby operates between 09:00 am- 08:00 pm. 
  • Saturday: Hobby Lobby operates between 09:00 am- 08:00 pm. 
  • Sunday: Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays. 

Hobby Lobby Holiday Hours 2022

Hobby Lobby operates normally on its regular business hours on most holidays, but since each store is managed by independent franchise owners, the opening and closing times may vary from store to store.

Some stores may have reduced or extended hours, while some may remain completely closed. 

Just to be safe, confirm the Hobby Lobby holiday hours by either calling the store or using their store locator before heading over to the store.

Below is the complete table for Hobby Lobby holiday hours. Take a look:  

  HolidayDate  DayOpen/ClosedHours of Operation
New Year’s DayJan 1Saturday        OpenRegular Business Hours
Martin Luther King DayJan 17MondayOpenRegular Business Hours
President’s DayFeb 21MondayOpenRegular Business Hours
Good FridayApril 2FridayOpenRegular Business Hours
Memorial DayMay 30MondayOpenRegular Business Hours
Independence DayJuly 4MondayOpenRegular Business Hours
Labor DaySep 05MondayOpenRegular Business Hours
Columbus DayOct 10MondayOpenRegular Business Hours
Veteran’s DayNov 11ThursdayOpenRegular Business Hours
ThanksgivingNov 24WednesdayOpenLimited Hours
Black FridayNov 25FridayOpenLimited Hours
Christmas EveDec 24SaturdayOpenLimited Hours
New Year’s EveDec 31SaturdayOpenRegular Business Hours

On Which Holiday Does Hobby Lobby Close? 

Since Hobby stays open during most of the major holidays, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t take a rest.

Hobby Lobby shuts its doors on a few holidays. Here’s is a list of holidays, Hobby Lobby is closed for customers: 

  HolidayDate  DayOpen/Closed
EasterApril 17SundayClosed
Mother’s DayMay 08SundayClosed
Memorial DayMay 30MondayClosed
Father’s DayJune 19SundayClosed
Christmas DayDec 25SundayClosed


What time Does Hobby Lobby Close on New Year's Eve?

It depends on each store and its owner. Some Hobby Lobby stores may extend their timings while others may limit the timings on New Year’s Eve.

Why did Hobby Lobby Shut its Doors on Sunday?

Hobby Lobby’s founder and CEO, David Green, strongly believed in giving his employees an off so they can spend time with families worshipping.

Is Hobby Lobby Open on Christmas? 

No, Hobby Lobby will be closed on Christmas, so if you have something to buy, you’ll have to wait till the day after Christmas. 

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