ADP Vs Gusto

Managing a growing business is not easy. There is so much to take care of payroll, tax, compliance, and so much more! But thanks to payroll softwares, these things can be automated easily now.

But how do you find reliable payroll software? In this guide on ADP Vs. Gusto, we aim to compare the two most popular HR and payroll software that you might have come across already.

So make sure to read until the end to find out which platform is between ADP Vs. Gusto is ideal for your business.

ADP Vs Gusto

ADP Overview


Founded in 1949, ADP is a leading cloud-based payroll software that has served over 1 million customers. The company offers HR solutions, payroll, time, tax, talent, compliance, etc., for companies of all sizes.

Additionally, the company offers all these services to a number of industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, retail, construction, etc.

And not only this, ADP also offers employee background checks and offers drug testing reports, medical screening, etc., so that you hire the right candidate for your organization always.

Gusto Overview

Gusto Overview

Launched in 2012, Gusto is an all-in-one payroll and HR online service that is specifically designed for small businesses to manage their employees.

This software help businesses easily automate and simplify their time-consuming payroll and other HR processes.

Gusto automates a few aspects of the payroll process that, includes filing taxes, sending W-2s to employees, calculating paychecks, issuing 1099 forms to contractors, etc.

The company offers all these services in the United States and has served more than 300,000 businesses nationwide.

ADP Vs. Gusto: Comparison

Now that you have a brief overview of ADP and Gusto let us move further and compare the two platforms on the basis of various factors.


Let us see what all features ADP offers to find out if it is better than Gusto:

ADP Features:

  • Tax reporting (W-2s and 1099)
  • Employee health benefits (available in 50 states)
  • Automated direct deposit
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile app
  • HR tools
  • New hire reporting

Gusto Features

  • Tax reporting (W-2s and 1099)
  • Employee health benefits (available in 37 states)
  • Automated direct deposit
  • Mobile app
  • HR tools
  • New hire reporting

This is what ADP and Gusto have in common:

  • Both support direct deposit payments.
  • Both automatically report newly hired employees.
  • Both health insurance options. 
  • Both offer simple integration with other apps.

Here’s what differentiates the two:

  • ADP offers background checks, while Gusto doesn’t.
  • Gusto offers a greater variety of employee benefits than ADP.
  • ADP provides assistance with employee handbooks.
  • Gusto offers employee health benefits in 37 states only.

Both platforms shares many similar features; ADP is slightly ahead of ADP as it offers three additional features and advantages over Gusto.

Winner: ADP

Ease of Use

ADP vs Gusto Ease of Use


ADP has a robust and modern interface. The Paltform’s cloud-based tools and how-to guides help immensely in getting the hang of the Paltform.

Additionally, everything on the ADP’s website is sorted and sectioned so that you know what your next steps are exactly.


Gusto is just as easy to use. The platform’s website is neat and extensive.

Everything that you need is listed on the website below separately. You can simply select any feature, service, or anything else you would like to know about. And a new page will give you all the details of the same.

Since both platforms are so robust, we cannot decide which one’s better and leave the choice to you.

Price & Plans

ADP Price & Plans

Essential$59 per month plus $4 per employee, per month
EnhancedCustom pricing
CompleteCustom pricing
HR ProCustom pricing
Set up feeExtra fee

Gusto Price & Plans

plus $6/mo per person
plus $12/mo per person
PremiumCustom pricing
Contractor only$0/mo
plus $6/mo per contractor
Set up feefree

We like Gusto more in terms of pricing because, first, it is transparent about its pricing, so you know exactly how much you will need to spend. And second, it offers a free setup as opposed to ADP, which charges a fee.

Winner: Gusto


GustoADP Run
Unlimited PayrollsYesCost per payroll
Automated Tax FilingYesYes
Multiple StatesOnly on higher plan levelsYes
File W-2s and 1099sYesExtra fees
Household Employer PayrollNoYes
Lifetime Access for EmployeesYesNo
Contractor PaymentsYesExtra fees and requirements

As we can see, both ADP and Gusto offer some common payroll features such as automated tax filing, direct deposit payroll, etc.

However, ADP charges extra fees for filing W-2s and 1099s and contractor payments and does not offer lifetime access for employees.

In comparison, Gusto does not charge additional money for these services and offers much more benefits.

Winner: Gusto

HR Tools & Employee Portals

HR Tools & Employee Portals
GustoADP Run
Time TrackingOn higher-level plansExtra fees
Team Directory and Org ChartOn higher-level plansExtra fees
Online Offer LettersYesOn higher-level plans
Time-Off RequestsOn higher-level plansExtra fees
Custom Employee HandbookWith HR add-onOn higher-level plans
Certified HR ProsWith HR add-onOn higher-level plans
Job Description and Policy TemplatesWith HR add-onOn higher-level plans
Custom Onboarding ChecklistOn higher-level plansYes

A very important thing to consider when deciding between ADP Vs. Gusto is what HR tools & employee portals they offer.

As we can see, both platforms offer a number of HR tools & employee portal features. The higher plan you choose, the more features you get.

However, when it comes to high-cost plans for large businesses, it makes more sense to opt for ADP. This is because ADP offers features like legal assistance, labor law posters, background checks, marketing tools, and much more.

So paying a high price for so many features makes more sense.

Winner: ADP

Benefits Administration

GustoADP Run
Health BenefitsPay premium costs onlyPremiums plus fees
Retirement PlansThird-partyYes, offered through ADP
Workers’ CompensationPay premium costs onlyPremiums plus fees
Add-OnsHealth savings account (HSA) and flexible savings account (FSA), life and disability and 529 college savingsLife and disability, HSA and FSA, commuter benefits and health reimbursement arrangement (HRA)

When we talk about the availability of features by cost, Gusto is clearly the winner.

Even Gusto’s cheapest plan, Gusto Core, offers higher-level features that are not found in ADP unless you pay for the add-ons.

Gusto, additionally, boasts features such as a more functional employee portal as compared to ADP, an Autopilot feature to run payroll automatically.

And also, boasts integrations third-party integrations with platforms such as Clover, QuickBooks, and Xero.

Winner: Gusto

Software Integrations

GustoADP Run
Breezy HRYesYes
Employee NavigatorNoYes
Google WorkspaceYesNo
Microsoft 365YesSome features

As you can see, Gusto can be integrated with a wide range of third-party services as compared to ADP.

Winner: Gusto

Customer Support

ADP Vs. Gusto

Run by ADPGusto
Extended hours for live support Additional fees Additional fees
Account setup and data migration Additional feesAdditional fees
Dedicated onboarding support representative Included Additional fees
Accuracy guarantee Not available Not available

If we look at the various customer support benefits, it is clear that Gusto offers a wider range of support services for a lower price compared to ADP.

Winner: Gusto

Customer Ratings

Gusto Customer Ratings

ADP Customer Ratings

PlatformRatingTotal Votes
G24/5216 votes
TrustRadius8/10 2,026 votes
TustPilot1.4/52,263 votes

Gusto Customer Ratings

PlatformRatingTotal Votes
G24.4/51,374 votes
TrustRadius7.5/10333 votes
TustPilot3.5/51,915 votes

Both platforms look like they have a rating on similar lines. You can check out the reviews on these platforms to learn more.

ADP Vs. Gusto: Winner?

Both ADP and Gusto are great platforms with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

However, when it comes to affordability and features, Gusto is clearly a much better choice.

But Gusto is not fit for large companies and is specifically made for small companies. So if you own a large company, then sticking to ADP makes more sense, and if you have a small company, then Gusto is a great choice for that.

We also compared ADP with Paychex and were, honestly, quite surprised to see how it compared against it.

We hope you found this comparison on ADP Vs. Gusto useful.

ADP vs Gusto: FAQs

When should you choose Gusto?

Gusto is a great HR and payroll software that offers an extensive set of features for an affordable price. And you should choose it, especially if you have a small business.

When should you choose ADP?

ADP is a much better choice for mid-size and large-size companies. The features ADP offers for the price are much more suitable for larger companies.

Does Gusto offer full-service payroll?

Yes, Gusto offers full-service payroll. However, its availability varies by plan. For example, Gusto’s basic plan offers full-service payroll for employees living in a single state. However, all other plans cover full-service payroll in all 50 states. 

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