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Hiring employees is a very crucial task, and this decision should be made with a lot of care as your employees can make or break your company.

But searching for the right candidate or outsourcing them is not a cup of tea. It requires experience and expertise and even time.

So If you are someone who wants to hire candidates with confidence pertaining to their background or if you simply want to opt for a service that does the work of hiring, outsourcing, training, payroll, etc., you are on the right page.

Stick to this article until the end, as we will give you a detailed account of this employee background screening platform called ADP.


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ADP In a Nutshell

What Is ADP?

ADP is one of the most popular employee screening and hiring solutions companies.

With the experience and expertise of thirty years, they have been providing hiring solutions such as outsourcing, background checks, payroll, etc.

No matter what the size of your business is, whether you are a small company of ten-fifteen people or whether you are a big one with thousands of people working for you.

Using ADP, you can save a lot of time and effort that goes into hiring candidates.

And not only this, but with their expertise, you can get background checks done on candidates that include reports such as drug testing, medical screening, and more.

Now, let’s have a look at its various other things such as features, pricing, etc.


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Features Of ADP

ADP Features
ADP Features

Modern Interface

ADP has a modern and responsive interface with the help of which you can easily get the background check tasks done, including things like monitoring the status of reports or reviewing a candidate’s screening results.

Using its modern interface, you can even integrate with their applicant tracking system or with their recruiting management.


One of the best features about ADP is that they offer a free demo, unlike most other similar platforms.

In the case of ADP, you do not have to go and purchase their subscription directly; you can simply go to their website and fill out a form using your credentials such as your name, email, contact number, etc. and request a free demo.

This just makes it better for you to know beforehand whether they are something that you were looking for, and if you like their demo, only then can you buy their subscription.

Global Screening

ADP performs background checks globally, so if you want to get background checks done on someone living outside of the US, ADP has got you!

Also, every country has different laws and regulations, and it does the screening based on reportability laws and data-privacy laws specific to different countries.

This ensures relief in knowing that experienced hands carry out the screening.

What Can You Find On ADP?

The various kinds of checks and reports that you can get your hands on with ADP include the following:

  • Social Security number verification
  • Government registry searches
  • Criminal background searches
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Credential/License verification
  • Credit reports
  • Professional verification
  • Drug testing
  • Medical screening

Services Offered By ADP

Payroll adp

Let’s have a look at the various service offered by ADP:


ADP offers payroll service for mainly two sizes: the small business size of 1-49 employees and large size of 50+ employees.

You can choose one of the four kinds of packages that fit your needs. This package includes:

Essential Payroll

This one is perfect for companies who need simple taxes, payroll, and compliance services.

Enhanced Payroll

Enhanced Payroll

With this package, on top of payroll, you get background checks, job posting through ZipRecruiter®1, SUI management, and payment service.

Complete Payroll & HR+

Complete offers a wide range of features that makes HR management for companies with over 100+ employees a cake walk.

The features it offers includes HR tools like:

  • Job description wizard
  • Live HR support
  • HR guidance and forms
  • Employee handbook wizard

HR Pro Payroll & HR

HR Pro is the most comprehensive plan of ADP and ideal for business with over 100 employees and who have complex management needs.

This includes comprehensive HR tools such as

  • Legal assistance from Upnetic Legal Services®2,
  • Business advice
  • Employer/employee training
  • Poactive HR support team.

ADP Payroll Demo

Time And Attendance

With the help of ADP, you can manage compliance and labor cost with the effective management of time and attendance tools provided by them.

Recruiting And Hiring

Whether you are hiring full-time employees or contractors, ADP can carry out recruiting, hiring, onboarding, compensation, etc., for you.

HR Outsourcing/ Co-employment

Using ADP, you can either outsource some or all tasks related to HR, or you can partner with them for full outsourcing.

Benefits And Insurance

Another really essential service offered by ADP includes taking care of Employee Benefits Administration, Group Health Insurance, Business Insurance, and Retirement Plans.

ADP offers many more services. You can head to their website if you are looking to get any of these things done for you.


ADP Workforce Now Overview

Pros And Cons Of ADP

  • Thirty years of experience
  • Global search
  • Support available in multiple languages
  • Suitable for all sizes of businesses
  • Accurate and fast reports
  • Bit expensive

Does ADP Costs Money?

ADP offers solutions to all sizes of businesses, be it a start-up or a giant companies.

It offers two basic plans, one for a small company comprising 1-49 people and the other for a company with more than 50+ employees.

Their pricing starts from $99 per month, a great choice for a small-sized company.

It also offers packages according to the company’s needs, so you can contact them if you want a price quote on company-specific needs.

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Products Offered By ADP & Their Price

Roll By ADP

This is a great product offered by ADP. This product uses artificial intelligence to help business owners manage payroll very easily from their phones. It is chat based tool, so to run payroll, you simply have to tell roll.

After asking you some questions, the app will pay your employees, and their salaries will be deposited in their bank accounts the next day.

Roll by ADP starts at $29 per month, plus $5 per employee. It offers new hire reporting, unlimited payroll runs, direct deposit, etc.

ADP will automatically file your taxes with this plan and will also let your employees access the app to view their paystubs and more.

RUN Powered Enhanced By ADP

This plan by ADP is the best for small businesses with less than 50 employees. This plan features essential payroll functions and extra functions to manage your team easily.

The features include automatic recurring payroll, payroll reports, and direct deposits. This plan also allows you to access background checks, ZipRecruiter, etc.

RUN Powered Essential By ADP

This plan is again ideal for businesses with less than 49 employees and has the most basic features.

The essential plan features payroll reports, direct deposit, new hire reporting, and W-2s and 1099s.

In this plan, ADP will file your payroll taxes; you will get marketing assistance from Upnetic. Your employees can also use this to log in and view their W-2s and pay history.

This plan also allows you to add time tracking, health insurance, and more, and it comes with 24×7 support.

RUN Powered HR Pro By ADP

This one, too, is meant for businesses with less than 50 employees but comes with a lot of features and is best for those who need HR help a lot.

This plan offers employee management and payroll tools and access to HR HelpDesk and training. To know the price of this plan, you will need to get in touch with ADP.

RUN Powered Complete By ADP

This plan is also suitable for companies with less than 50 employees and comes with the features mentioned above.

Along with this, it also offers extensive HR functions like live support from HR professionals, access to thousands of HR forms, etc. To know the price, you will have to get in touch with the company again.

Workforce Now Payroll Essentials

This plan is ideal for large companies that do not want anything extra. This plan offers tax filings, custom reports, and others.

Your employees can use this to ask for work off and can clock in and out, among others.

Workforce Now Hiring Advantage

This plan is best for companies with more than 49 employees who want to grow. This plan comes with everything in HR Plus option plan and more.

You can access HR and hiring support and allow companies to pay their employees. You can even use this tool to post jobs on ZipRecruiter, schedule interviews, and more.

Workforce Now HR Plus

This plan is for companies that have more than 50 employees again.

It includes everything in Workforce Now Essentials Plan, along with HR tools and guides on how to hire or fire someone.

This plan can also help you to track employee development, help with onboarding, and much more.

Workforce Now Performance Plus

This plan is meant for companies with more than 50 employees.

It includes everything that comes with all Workforce Now plans, along with a general ledger interface, tax filings, recruiting tools, and onboarding, among others.

In addition to this, you can also track how much you are paying your employees; you can add bonuses, hikes, etc. too.

Plan nameMonthly feesAutomated payrollDirect deposit daysTime tracking Automated tax filingHR add onsPriority support
Roll$29 + $5/employeeNoNext DayNoYesYesNo
RUN Powered EnhancedVariesYesYesYesYes
RUN Powered Essential$59 + $4/employeeNext DayYesYesNoYes
RUN Powered HR ProVariesYesYesYesYes
RUN Powered CompleteVariesYesYesYesYes
Workforce Now Payroll EssentialsVariesYesYesYesYes
Workforce Now Hiring AdvantageVariesYesYesYesYes
Workforce Now HR PlusVariesYesYesYesYes
Workforce Now Performance PlusVariesYesYesYesYes

Industries ADP Caters To

It Caters to the below-mentioned industries:

  • Restaurant / Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Professional & Technical Services
  • Nonprofit / Social Services
  • Health Care
  • Government / Education

Why Should You Switch to ADP Payroll?

Why Should You Switch to ADP Payroll

Here’s why switching to ADP’s payroll might be good for you:

  • ADP processes payroll in minutes. You can even set it on autopilot mode.
  • It does quarterly and annual reporting for you.
  • Allows you to integrate time tracking with payroll.
  • Calculates tax, deducts, and pays automatically for you.
  • Creates and sends forms W-2 and 1099 automatically to employees.
  • Handles IRS inquiries for you.
  • Manages your state unemployment insurance claims.
  • It helps you in staying compliant with payroll and tax requirements, hour and wage laws, new hire reporting, etc.
  • Offers a 24×7 helpline center to clear all your doubts.

How To Get started On ADP?

To get started with ADP, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1) Go to its’s official website. Now click on the sign-in option appearing on the top right corner of the screen.

How To Get started On ADP?

2) Select your purpose for signing in from the list of options available.

sign up

3) Now Fill in your credentials such as your name, contact, etc.

sign up process

4) Click on continue and verify your mobile number. Once you do that, you will be able to access your account.

How To Login To ADP Employee Account?

How To Unsubscribe Or Cancel ADP?

Opting out on ADP is fairly easy. If you wish to opt out of their services, follow the below steps:

  • Go to their website.
  • Click on the log-in button.
  • Now enter your email address and password to access your account.
  • Here on your profile page, you will see a subscription menu. Scroll through the menu and click on RUN POWERED BY ADP.
  • Now here, you will see an option to cancel your subscription at the bottom.
  • Click on that, and your subscription will be canceled.

Is ADP Safe To Use?

Is ADP Safe To Use?

We understand your safety concern, and with the constant news of data breaches and stealing private information, one must be careful of what platforms they submit their information to.

To answer your question, yes, ADP Is safe to use and is a trustworthy platform. It follows the privacy laws and regulations as per the law, and your information remains safe with them.

Is ADP Anyonymous?

Employers can view a variety of information on ADP, including an employee’s personal details such as their name, contact number, address, email ID, etc.

They can also view your compensation, salary, other tax information, and other benefits.

Also your current employers can also see the details about your past employers if this information was provided by you during the time of the interview.

Having said that, you should know that employers are not allowed to access your private information, such as credit history, your finances, etc., without your consent.

Is ADP Trustworthy & Reliable?

Yes, ADP is one of the best payroll software that you can use to automate payroll tasks and to ensure that your employees get their salaries on time.

Additionally, you can also make use of the many features that ADP offers, such as an employee benefits manager, recruiting system, etc.

So, if you are a business that is in need of reliable payroll software, then ADP is a good choice for you.

USW ADP Ratings

Customer Service2/5
Ease of use4.7/5
Features & Services4.5/5

Customer Ratings And Reviews

ADP Customer Rating And Review
ADP Customer Rating And Review
Customer Ratings And Reviews
Customer Ratings And Reviews

ADP has an average rating of 2.6 stars given by 1,902 customers. 60% of people gave it a 5-star rating, and 23% of people gave it a one-star rating.

Most of the complaints were regarding their customer support, which they can work on.


Customer Service

If you have any issues regarding anything, you can simply contact ADP at 1-844-227-5237. You can also reach out to them on their website if you have any industry-specific queries.

Our Experience

Our Experience with ADP

I love the fact that I can control and manage a lot of things from the app. Also, I can unlock my card and update my information very easily.

I am also able to track my spending and get an update every time money is taken out of my account.

The only thing we dread is that getting a response from ADP’s team is a challenge, and they should seriously work on it.

How We Review Background Check Companies?

To review background check companies we take into consideration the following points:

  • Pricing and plans
  • Customer reviews
  • Ease of use
  • Types of checks available
  • Accuracy of information
  • Features and services
  • Information provided

Why Choose ADP?

Why Choose ADP

Collaborative Scheduling

ADP offers this great feature of Collaborative Scheduling, using which your employees can fill in time-off requests and can create a schedule that works for all.

Multiple Device Access 

Another reason why you can choose ADP is that you can access your report, payroll, etc., from any device, be your computer, phone, or an iOS device. Access your profile and reports anytime, anywhere.


No matter what size of business you have, ADP caters to small, mid-sized, and also large companies.

You can opt for any plan and switch to a different plan as and when your business grows.


Let’s have a look at various alternatives to ADP below:

ADP Vs. Good Hire 

Now, Good Hire is a great platform to choose from. It offers features like custom reports, active monitoring, etc. Whereas ADP offers a modern interface, global screening, etc.

A good hire can cost you $29.99 a month, and in contrast, ADP is a bit expensive, and the monthly plan starts at $99. Read our Good Hire review if you want to learn about it in detail.

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Trusted Employees Vs. ADP

Again this is also a good alternative. It offers services to a variety of industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, health care, and more, similar to ADP.

It also offers accurate and timely reports for $29.95 per screening report, whereas ADP charges $99 for a group of people.

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ADP Alternatives

Here are the top-three alternatives to ADP:


Gusto is a cloud-based service provider that offers plenty of features such as Unlimited payroll, W-2s and 1099s, Tax filings and payments, Integrations, Employee onboarding, and more.

The services that Gusto offers are some of the most customizable in the market, that too for an affordable price. Gusto’s pricing starts at $40 a month plus $6 per month per employee.

It includes all the aforementioned features, irrespective of the plan you choose.

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is one of the best accounting and payroll software best suited for small businesses. And the best part is that Quickbooks integrates seamlessly with other QuickBooks products, making it a breeze for you to work.

If we talk about the pricing, then QuickBooks offers three plans starting at $45 monthly plus $5 per employee, along with a 30-day free trial.

Paychex Flex

Paychex is another full-service payroll service that is best suited for companies with one to 1,000 employees.

Some of the notable features that Paychex offer includes Tax filings, pre-employment screening, recruiting and applicant tracking, paycheck preview, and approval, among other.

The pricing of Paychex starts at $39 a month plus $5 per employee per month. For more features and benefits, you can choose and customize a higher plan.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that ADP is one of its kind and is truly an excellent choice for your business.

They can cater to all your needs from payroll to hiring to insurance, job description and posting, and so much more.

You cannot go wrong with their thirty years of experience and expertise.

Let us know if you found our article helpful by commenting below.


Is ADP Legit?

Yes, it is hundred percent legit and has been operating for thirty years. It has even served thousands of clients since it started operating.

What all reports are included in background check?

ADP offers a variety of reports, including education history, criminal record, drug reports, liens and licenses, previous work history reports, and more.

Does ADP Offer a Trial?

It occasionally offers a trial; you have to keep an eye on their website for any updates on the same. Or you can request a free demo by calling them.

Is their a mobile app offered by ADP?

Yes, ADP has a mobile app, using which you can track your salary, payroll service, etc.

Does ADP Offer Direct Deposit?

Yes, you can send direct deposits to your employee’s account using ADP.

USW Overall Rating

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