Accio Data Review – How Good Is It? [UPDATED 2022]

Imagine if there was a way in which you could hire employees without any qualms about their background.

Let me tell you that Accio Data is one such platform that not only helps you in pre-employment screening but is also a software platform for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs).

In this article, we will give you a complete of this platform, and hopefully, by the, you will know exactly if you should go for this pre-employment screening service.


GuideAccio Data Review
Established in 2006
Service Pre-employment screening service
Rating 4.8\5
Subscription fee$550/month
Website Click here
Accio Data
Accio Data

What Is Accio Data?

What Is Accio Data?
What Is Accio Data?

Accio Data is a pre-employment screening service that was established in 2006.

It was created by both background screening experts and software experts, thus making it unique from its competitors.

This service is convenient for Consumer Reporting Agencies as they integrate with standard data providers.

There are more than 2000 integration options to choose from. They also help automate the screening process from order entry to delivery and billing.

Why Choose Accio Data?

Why Choose Accio Data?
Why Choose Accio Data?

Accio Data constantly adds new features to its model. They have a pool of exclusive customer-to-customer web forums, online training videos, Accio University training webinars, and more to educate you on workflow.

Also, they provide a 100 percent automated process, thereby reducing the cost of labor and paper.

It is also the only platform with an open framework platform, thus allowing the exchange of data via XML.

And the best part is its services targets everything under the sun, from small-scale start-ups to large-scale companies.

Features Of Accio Data

Features Of Accio Data
Features Of Accio Data

The various features of it are as follows:

100% automated – Accio uses a 100% automated process. You can electronically complete, sign, E-Verify, and store I-9 forms with digital mouse- or finger-based signatures. The employer and also the employee can complete the form together or send each other an email to complete formalities.

FCRA Compliance – Accio helps to ensure FCRA compliance. It also allows your clients to print FCRA reports with the FCRA rights attached and customizable adverse and pre-adverse action letters.

Constant innovation – It differentiates itself by rapidly deploying features via its Progressive Platform Evolution. And also, if your clients have a certain kind of requirement, they try to explore and meet those too.

Easy-to-use Interface – Accio is straightforward to use. They have a pool of educational material, training videos, and also web forums, making it super easy for you to understand its working.

Focused industry segment packaging – Accio gives you total control to predefine ordering packages for the segments you serve. And also, you can assign packages based on your client’s needs.

Pros And Cons Of Accio Data

  • Reduced labor and paper cost
  • 100 percent automated process
  • Easy interface
  • Uses open XML specs
  • Ensure FCRA compliance
  • Continuous innovation
  • Ats integration
  • No free trials
  • Little expensive
  • Unavailability of self-checks

Types Of Checks Available

Types Of Checks Available
Types Of Checks Available

There are various kinds of checks available on Accio Data, such as:

  • Criminal background search
  • Social media accounts
  • Employment verification
  • Medical sanctions searches
  • Identity and also education verifications
  • Post-hire monitoring
  • Monthly record checks
  • Tenant screening
  • Vendor screening

Pricing And Plans Of Accio Data

Pricing And Plans Of Accio Data
Pricing And Plans

Accio Data charges monthly maintenance fees and setup fees as per the following:

  • The set up fee costs $2995.
  • And the Maintenance fee costs $550 for 750 components per month.

Note that a component means a type of check. And also any check that does not come under these monthly costs will cost the CRA based on volume, ranging between 37 cents and 41 cents per order.

Customer Service

Customer service
Customer service


Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Alyson B – A great choice for CRAs, this highly customizable platform can be white-labeled with any company’s branding and also integrates with the standard data providers.

Mary K – I have to say, the services these guys provide are amazing. I didn’t find any difficulty in using their platform and also, the reports provided by them were accurate. Cheers to you guys. I recommend Accio Data.



Accio Data is super customizable if we look from the CRA’s point of view.

It integrates with leading HR software platforms, data providers and also ATSes making it a good choice.

You can choose it and also work with them. We hope you got what you were looking for in this article.


For how long are reports stored in Accio Data System?

The reports are stored in the system for the life of the account. In case you close your account, Accio gives you an option to download the reports.

Is there an applicant portal on Accio Data?

Yes, they have an applicant portal. The user can directly order the report and can also see its status using it.

What happens if the submitted articles are rejected by the Accio Data?

If the submitted article is rejected, it is returned with a status of “Complete – See Comments,” with the reason of rejection specified in the text details of the report. Post this; it will also go into a review queue for the employer or applicant so that they can make the necessary corrections and resubmit the form. A resubmission fee will apply.

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