49 Part Time Night Jobs From Home

Whether you are a mom who is looking for a part-time job or someone who needs an extra source of income to fuel additional expenses, these 49 Part Time Night Jobs From Home are like no other!

No matter what the reason is, having a remote, part-time work opportunity opens doors for you to prioritize other things in life.

And thanks to Covid, we now have so many remote opportunities that your head will spin, to say the least.

So make sure you read through the end to find the best-suited idea for yourself.

49 Part Time Night Jobs From Home

What To Look For In a Good Part Time Night Job?

When searching for a good part-time job, you must look for the following things:

  • It should have a good income potential.
  • It should be sustainable.
  • You should be able to commit to it.
  • It should offer work and location flexibility.
  • It should not demand very high credentials or a specific education degree.

Types of Part Time Jobs

Types of Part Time Jobs

When it comes to part-time jobs, there are three categories that you can work on:

Work as an employee for a company

There are a lot of companies that offer part-time jobs, and being employed under someone has its own benefits.

A job guarantees fixed income and stability to some extent. However, depending on which company you are working for, you might have to compromise with the flexibility.

The best way to find a part-time job in your area is by making a simple Google search- “part-time jobs near me.”


Freelancing has plenty of benefits, too. In freelancing, you get paid for offering your services just like you would in an office but without having to deal with office politics.

Another benefit of freelancing is that you can choose your work hours and workload, keeping in mind the deadline, of course.

Freelancing jobs are often work-from-home jobs, and you can definitely consider them as your part-time source of income.

Building a Side Hustle

This option is something that most people run away from, but it has the potential to make the most amount of money.

A side hustle is a type of secondary income you can generate by sharing your skills, services, or products. This is something that you do in your spare time.

You can build a side hustle to make enormous money onlineBut building a successful side hustle takes a lot of time and patience, and because of this, many people turn their heads around.

But do not worry! Let us explore 49 part-time night jobs from home ideas so that you have plenty of options to choose from!

49 Part Time Night Jobs From Home

Here are some of the best 49 part time night jobs from home that you can start today!

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Income Potential: $15 to $35/hr

Who’s a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who assists and helps a business in managing the daily operations or a specific part of daily operations remotely.

Because of E-commerce businesses, there has been a rise in Virtual Assistant jobs, so finding a part-time night job as a Virtual Assistant should not be tough.

What do you need to become a Virtual Assistant?

  • A laptop
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Management skills

What are the duties of a Virtual Assistant?

  • Admin Work: This includes taking bookings and appointments, keeping track of spreadsheets, managing emails and documents, etc.
  • Social Media: A VA might be asked to handle various social media channels of a company. This includes creating content, engaging with customers, replying to messages, etc.
  • E-commerce: A VA for an e-commerce platform is required to maintain inventory, keep track of shipping, invoicing, etc.

How much does a Virtual Assistant part-time night job pay?

A Virtual Assistant makes $15 to $35 an hour on average. But this amount could be as much as $100 an hour depending on your experience and skill sets.

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Income Potential: $20 to 60/hr

If you have a knack for writing, then you can become a part-time freelance writer and make $20-$60 an hour easily.

A freelance writer is someone who works for different clients or companies and takes up writing projects from them. A freelance writer may be required to write articles, blogs, newspapers, emails, etc., depending on the needs of the client.

In freelancing, you can take up as many projects as you want and work as per your preferred hours. This is the reason why this option could be a perfect part-time night job from home for you.

Where can I find freelance writing jobs?

You can find freelance writing jobs on platforms like:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook groups
  • Fiverr, Upwork & similar freelancing platforms
  • And by sending cold emails to companies directly

How much can a freelance writer make?

As per Payscale, freelance writers can easily make anywhere between $24,000-$115,000 a year on average in the United States.

3. Proofreading

Proofreading job

    Income Potential: $52,000 yearly

    If you are a better editor than a writer, then there are plenty of part-time proofreading jobs that you can find on the internet.

    But first, What is Proofreading?

    Proofreading is simply the process of finding and fixing errors in a piece of writing. So, your job as a proofreader would be to ensure that the grammar, punctuation, formatting, vocabulary, etc., in a piece of writing is correct.

    If you think of yourself as a grammar nazi, then this part-time work-from-home idea is best for you.

    Things you need to become a proofreader:

    • Laptop & good internet connection
    • Post-secondary education or a degree in English
    • Familiarity with Style Guides
    • Excellent hold over language
    • Attention to detail

    How to become a Proofreader?

    • People might be more willing to hire you if you have a degree in English, but if not, you can simply take up a free or paid proofreading course online.
    • To edit content, you need to be familiar with tools like Google Docs, Grammarly, Hemingway, Word, etc.
    • Choose a niche you want to work in.
    • Try gaining some experience by taking up an internship or by working for your friends and family.
    • Once you have some experience, start applying for available jobs.

    Different Proofreading services you can choose from:

    • Academic Proofreading
    • Translation Proofreading
    • Print Media Proofreading
    • Book Proofreading
    • Business Proofreading

    Where to find Proofreading jobs?

    • LinkedIn
    • Direct outreach
    • Freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

    4. Become a Freelance Graphic Designer

    Become a Freelance Graphic Designer

    Income Potential: $45,000 yearly

    If you are a creative bug who has the ability to create interesting and unique designs, then you can become a freelance Graphic Designer!

    What does a Graphic Designer do?

    A Graphic Designer is someone who creates digital designs for individuals, business owners, and companies.

    These designs could be a logo, ad campaign, company poster, business cards, brand labels, etc.

    Because of the rise in e-commerce, there are a plethora of Graphic design jobs available on the internet. And you can do this part-time from your home, on a freelance basis, or even full-time.

    What do you need to become a Graphic Designer?

    • Creativity
    • Laptop and high-speed internet
    • Familiarity with editing software like Canva, Adobe, etc.

    5. Customer Service Associate

    Customer Service Associate

    Income Potential: $13.46 – $22.60 an hour

    A customer service associate is someone who solves and provides solutions to the queries and problems of a company’s customers.

    Customer service jobs are not that easy. However, they require you to have minimal skills and are available in abundance.

    You can easily find a part-time online customer service associate job near you and earn $13.46 – $22.60 an hour on average.

    And the best part is that you can secure this job even without any previous experience.

    What do you need to become a customer service associate?

    • A laptop
    • High-speed internet connection
    • Headphones
    • Good communication skills
    • Problem-solving skills

    6. Amazon FBA

    Amazon FBA

    Income Potential: $12,000 to $300,000 anually

    What is an Amazon FBA Business?

    In simple terms, in an Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) business, you simply sell products on Amazon, and Amazon ships them to customers.

    Fulfillment by Amazon is simply a service that Amazon offers to sellers so that the workload of sellers can be reduced and they can enjoy more flexibility.

    The services that Amazon provides include shipping, packaging, and storage.

    How does Amazon FBA work?

    In an Amazon FBA business, the seller is simply required to ship their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. And when a customer places an order, Amazon employees will pack and ship the product to the consumer.

    How profitable is Amazon’s FBA business?

    Amazon FBA business can be quite lucrative for you once you get a hang of it. Business owners make as much as $300,000 annually in profits from this business.

    You can also register for this and undertake this business part-time before you turn it into a full-time thing.

    7. Data-Entry Part Time Night Jobs

    Data-Entry Part Time Night Jobs

    Income Potential: $32K – $47K per year

    What is a Data-Entry Job?

    In a Data-Entry job, you are required to update and enter information in a computer’s database.

    This means that a customer might provide you with a soft copy of the information, and you will be required to type and enter them on the computer and turn them into an electronic format.

    Data-entry jobs are the most common types of part-time jobs that you can find on the internet. But because these jobs require little to no skill, it does not pay that much and might get filled quickly.

    Companies that offer Data-Entry jobs:

    Industries that hire for Data-Entry jobs:

    • Administrative
    • Government and Politics
    • Medical and Health
    • Retail and Sales
    • Accounting and Finance

    8. Transcriptionist Jobs

    Transcriptionist Jobs

    Income Potential: $25,000 to over $50,000 yearly

    Who is a Transcriptionist?

    A Transcriptionist is someone who listens to an audio file and then types and converts it into text. There are plenty of fields that require a Transcriptionist, such as legal, entertainment, medical industries, etc., so finding a job is not that difficult.

    The best part about becoming a Transcriptionist is that it can be done from anywhere and on your own time schedule. All you need for this job is speed and accuracy.

    Types of files that you may be asked to Transcribe include:

    • Interviews
    • Podcast
    • Films
    • Meetings
    • Lectures
    • Television shows
    • Seminars
    • Focus groups
    • Webinars
    • Sermons

    Skills required to become a Transcriptionist:

    • Speed
    • Accuracy
    • Active listening
    • Focus
    • Accuracy in grammar, punctuation, and spelling
    • Industry knowledge

    How can you become a Transcriptionist?

    • Choose a Transcriptionist niche you want to work in
    • Practice typing to improve your accuracy and typing speed
    • Create a resume
    • Start applying for Transcriptionist jobs

    9. Sell Stock Photos Online

    Sell Stock Photos Online

    Income Potential: Varies

    If you have impeccable photography skills, then why let your talent go to waste?

    Plenty of online platforms allow you to sell stock photos online and make some extra cash. The best part about this gig is that you can do it whenever you are free and from wherever you want.

    But what is Stock photography?

    Stock photography means creating unique photos, licensing them, and making them available to the public for general use.

    Platforms where you can sell photos online:

    How much can you really make from selling stock images?

    The money that you make from selling stock images depends on a number of factors, including:

    • Which and how many stock agencies do you contribute to
    • Quality of your portfolio
    • Number & types of images in your portfolio
    • How often you upload new content

    As per a survey of 149 stock photographers:

    • 46.3% earn $0 – $500 per month
    • 16.1% earn $500 – $1000 per month
    • 11.4% earn $1000 – $1500 per month
    • 7.4% earn $1500 – $2000 per month
    • 18.8% earn $2000+ per month

    10. Become A YouTuber

    Become A YouTuber

    Income Potential: Unlimited

    You can think about starting a YouTube channel if you have extensive knowledge about something or if you are particularly good at something. You can pursue your YouTube career part-time whenever you get spare time from your full-time job.

    Becoming a successful YouTuber and making good income, however, might take some time, depending on your niche and videos.

    How do YouTubers earn money?

    YouTubers make most of their income from Ads that run on their videos, but the earnings made from Ads are divided between the creator and YouTube in the ratio of 55:45. Other ways in which YouTubers make money include:

    • Affiliate marketing
    • Product Marketing
    • Sponsored videos

    How much do YouTubers earn?

    A lot of factors decide the income of YouTubers. However, for every 100k to 500k views, a YouTuber makes between $1,000-$10,000 on average.

    11. Translator


    Income Potential: $22.23 per hour 

    If you are extremely fluent in a few languages, then you can take up part-time translation jobs and earn $22 an hour on average.

    Skills needed to become a Translator:

    • Comprehension ability
    • Ability to decipher a text
    • Good hold on language
    • Typing skills

    How can you become a Translator?

    1. Start by finding out how you want to take a job. Do you want to work for a translation agency, or do you want to work as a freelancer?
    2. Create a portfolio. Take up a few internships or simply work for friends or acquaintances to build credibility.
    3. Choose an industry.
    4. Create a Fiverr or Upwork profile to find clients related to translation jobs.

    12. Sell a Course

    Sell a Course

    Income Potential: Undefined

    If you hold extensive knowledge in a particular subject, then you can create a digital course and sell it on online platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc. You can even market your course on your social media channels if you have a good social presence.

    Your course could be around any topic, be it how to create music, how to write better, or any subject like philosophy, history, etc. the choice is endless.

    The best part about this is that once you create your course, your job is done; now you simply have to market it, and the money would come on its own.

    13. Start a Podcast

    Start a Podcast

    Income Potential: $500 – Millions

    Podcasting has become a very popular form of entertainment these days, and by working part-time right from your home, you can make an extra source of income.

    What is a Podcast?

    So, a podcast is a digital medium that consists of video or audio episodes surrounding a particular topic or a niche. A podcast could involve storytelling, sharing knowledge, conversations, interviews, etc.

    With a decent number of listeners, you can easily make $500-$1000 a month or even more, and your earnings would increase as the number of listeners does.

    Popular podcasting platforms: 

    In what ways does Podcasters make money?

    • Advertisements
    • Affiliate sales
    • Sponsorships
    • Complementary products
    • Premium content

    How to start a Podcast channel?

    1. Choose a niche that you want to make the podcasts on.
    2. Select a name for your Podcast channel & write a compelling description.
    3. Think about the format of the show and create music and artwork for it.
    4. Invest in some quality sound equipment for your show.
    5. Choose a podcast platform and create your account.
    6. Start recording your episodes and begin to launch.

    14. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

    Pinterest Virtual Assistant

    Income Potential: $15 to $20/hr

    Many businesses these days use Pinterest to drive customers to their business websites. However, driving potential customers to a website requires relevant skills and knowledge. This is where a Virtual assistant comes in!

    A Pinterest Virtual Assistant especially works towards creating pins and increasing the outreach to drive more customers.

    Since this job can be done from anywhere and anytime, it can be the perfect online part-time job for you.

    Here are the skills required to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant:

    • Knowledge of social media
    • Creativity
    • Analytic capability
    • Writing skills
    • Understanding of SEO practices
    • Planning and strategic skills

    How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

    • Learn: The first thing necessary to become a Pinterest VA is to learn how to use Pinterest and get familiar with its tools.
    • Practice: Now, put your knowledge to use by practicing what you’ve learned. Create pins on your own and see how people respond to it.
    • Build a Portfolio: Take up internships and work for your friends and family members to gain some work knowledge and to include it in your portfolio.
    • Start looking for clients: Now it’s time to look for clients and start earning money.

    Where to find Pinterest Virtual Assistant jobs?

    • Facebook Groups
    • In-Person Networking
    • Freelance Websites
    • Marketing Agencies
    • Referrals
    • Cold emailing businesses
    • Social Media Marketing

    15. Teach Online

    Teach Online

    Income Potential: $30 to $60/hr

    If you have a knack for teaching and are good at teaching subjects, then you can take up part-time online teaching jobs and make $30-$60 an hour very easily for standard subjects like Maths, Chemistry, History, etc.

    For teaching subjects like SATs and ACTs, you can even charge up to $45-$100 an hour.

    The best thing about this online part-time job is that you can teach as per your own schedule, and all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.

    16. Facebook Ads Manager Jobs

    Facebook Ads Manager Jobs

    Income Potential: $25.46/hr

    Who is a Facebook Ads Manager?

    A Facebook Ads Manager is someone who runs marketing campaigns on Facebook as per the needs and requirements of their client.

    A Facebook Ads campaign might be needed to promote a business’s product or services, to build brand awareness, to attract more customers, etc.

    As a Facebook Ads Manager, your duty would be to run successful ads and to meet your client’s expectations.

    Skills required to become a Facebook Ads Manager:

    • Management skills
    • Writing skills
    • Analysis skills
    • Strategic thinking skills

    How to Become a Facebook Ads Manager?

    • The first thing you need is to gain Facebook management skills.
    • Next, you need to learn how to use Facebook Business Manager and the tools that are related to it.
    • Now, decide your rates and packages.
    • Create social media pages to promote yourself.
    • Identify your target clients and start pitching them.
    • Keep networking for consistent work.

    17. Clickworker


    Income Potential: $10 to $30 an hour

    Clickworker is an online platform that offers digital tasks to registered users. The company hires and pays independent contractors to complete tasks for different companies.

    Some examples of these tasks are:

    • App testing
    • Mystery shopping
    • Text creation
    • Surveys
    • Photo capturing

    Benefits of working on Clickworker:

    • Clickworker offers flexible timings, so you can work as per your availability and during the night.
    • The signup and payment are done online, so you do not have to leave your home in order to do these jobs.
    • You can work as a freelancer and decide how little or how much you want to work.

    18. Work on Cambly

    Work on Cambly

    Income Potential: ($10.2/hour)

    If you are an extrovert and love talking to people, then Cambly is the perfect platform for you to find remote night-shift jobs.

    Cambly is an online English teaching platform where you connect with students who are trying to learn English and can get as much as $10.2 an hour for conversing with them.

    To be eligible for this, you simply need:

    • A laptop & good internet connection
    • You must have a reliable webcam and microphones or headphones
    • You must be a native English speaker

    Benefits of working at Cambly:

    • You get to choose your work timings and how much you want to work.
    • You can withdraw your earnings every week when you have earned a minimum of $20.

    19. Appen


    Income Potential: ($5-$20/hour)

    Appen is a company that uses human input to access the performance of different AI tools and platforms in order to improve its performance. For this, they hire employees to carry out different tasks and then use their input and feedback.

    In simple words, Appen uses the feedback of the people they hire and then uses it to improve social media algorithms, search engines, voice-operated technology such as Alexa, etc.

    Appen Jobs:

    The kind of jobs that you can find on Appen includes:

    • Micro tasks such as data entry
    • Social media evaluator
    • Search engine evaluator
    • Surveys
    • Internet analyst, etc.

    Perks of working on Appen:

    • You can do this job remotely and at your preferred time.
    • The payment for the job will be shown to you beforehand.
    • Getting started to Appen is easy. You simply need to create your profile, verify your email, and get started.

    20. Wheel


    Income Potential: $23 to $28 per patient

    If you are an RN who is looking to earn some extra money by working part-time at night, then Wheel might be the perfect platform for you.

    As an RN for Wheel, you will be required to:

    • Consult patients online on a computer provided by Wheel.
    • Provide urgent care and primary care treatment virtually for non-emergent conditions.
    • Assist patients with common conditions such as colds, flu, stomach aches, etc.

    The best part about working with Wheel is that you can do this from anywhere and at any time. This offers you the needed flexibility to work and make money from home.

    21. Start Blogging

    Start Blogging

    Income Potential: $1000 to over $200,000 monthly

    This is not so much of a part-time job as it is a side hustle idea, but you can do it at night.

    What is blogging?

    Blogging means creating a website on any particular niche and writing and publishing articles and blogs on this website.

    The person who does this is called a blogger, and if you have a flair for writing and patience, then you can make an insane amount of money from this idea.

    How do Bloggers make money?

    • Display Ads: The ads that you see on a website are the major source of revenue for that website owner. So, the highest earnings of a blogger comes from display ads.
    • Affiliate Marketing: Bloggers make money by posting affiliate links on their websites. And when a reader makes a purchase using that link, the blogger gets a commission.
    • Consultation: If your website gains massive popularity, then you can start offering consultancy services and earn good money from that.
    • Selling Products: Once your website achieves a certain status, you can start selling courses and e-books and make money from that.

    How much do you need to start a blog?

    To set up your blog, you need at least $50-$200, and then you would have to spend $20-$60 each month for running the blog.

    22. Join Focus Groups

    Join Focus Groups

    Income Potential: $150+ per group

    If you enjoy sharing your opinion, then joining an online focus or research group could help you in making money part-time.

    Companies willingly spend a lot of money on research and development of their new products and services. Before launching anything new in the market, they first try to test it out and see if there is anything that can be improved.

    This is where your role comes in! You simply need to give your honest opinion, and the company will pay you as much as $150 per research session.

    List of companies that run focus groups:

    • User Interviews – $50-100 an hour
    • Rare Patient Voice – $120 an hour
    • FocusGroup.com – $75 and $200
    • Respondent – $100+ an hour
    • Survey Junkie – up to $75
    • Product Report Card –  $75-$150 an hour 

    23. Flip Furniture

    Flip Furniture

    Income Potential: $100 to $500+ per month

    If you are a creative bug who loves DIYing, then you can earn a lot of money by flipping furniture.

    For this, all you need is some old furniture pieces and craft supplies to spruce up boring furniture into interesting items. The best part of this idea is that you can work on these pieces at night right at your home when your kids are asleep and sell them online.

    However, note that this income idea is a bit time-consuming.

    How to get started?

    To get started, you simply need to source some old furniture items from a local second-hand furniture market or from platforms like eBay, Craiglist, etc.

    Where to sell?

    You can sell the items you have created on Facebook marketplace or Instagram. Or even on E-bay, Etsy, etc.

    24. Voice Over Artist Jobs

    Voice Over Artist

    Income Potential: $23.56 – $77.88 an hour

    Companies in the entertainment, advertisement, content creation, etc., frequently look for voice-over artists. So, if you have a pleasant voice and are familiar with voice modulation, then becoming an online Voice artist might be great for you.

    Things you need to become a Voice Over Artist:

    • A good voice
    • Decent microphone & headphones
    • A quiet room

    How to get started?

    • If you are new at this, then start by honing your skills by joining a relevant course or a class. And if you are a natural, then you can skip this step.
    • Create a demo by recording your voice and featuring your best work.
    • Now, start looking for part-time night voice-over artist jobs near you.

    25. Smith.ai


    Income Potential: $17 per hour

    Smith.ai is a platform that hires virtual receptionists from around the globe.

    And the best part about this job is that you can choose to work part-time or full-time from home, depending on your availability. Shifts are available in 2-5 hour blocks, and they are open 24/7, 365 days.

    Requirements to work at Smith.ai:

    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Typing accuracy of 100%
    • Typing speed of 40 WPM
    • Prior customer communication experience 

    26. Studypool


    Income Potential: $18.46 per hour

    Studypool is an online platform for tutors around the world to answer the doubts and questions of students.

    This platform offers an independent contracting role, where you create and work as per your own schedule, making it a perfect part-time work-from-home opportunity for you.

    However, to work on Studypool, you will need to prove your credentials and expertise as a teacher. And once you do, you will be able to earn as much as $7,500 a month for chatting with students and clearing their doubts.

    Ways to make extra money on Studypool:

    • Create and sell notes and documents.
    • Bid on homework questions that are asked by students.

    27. Byron


    Income Potential: $26.83 an hour

    Byron is an online platform that hires people to complete small tasks for their clients. The tasks could be anything from making reservations at a hotel to doing research for the same.

    The best part about working as a Virtual Assistant for Byron is that you can choose your work hours and work as much and as little as you like.

    In order to be eligible, you must:

    • Live in the US
    • Have 3 years of experience in an admin role
    • Must be at least 18 years old

    Tasks you would be required to do:

    • Scheduling appointments
    • Finding hotels
    • Researching the best price on something
    • Making phone calls
    • Data entry

    28. Dropshipping


    Income Potential: Unlimited

    Dropshipping is a type of business where you sell products online without stocking anything.

    In this type of business model, you simply create your website or your online shop and post pictures and descriptions of products.

    So anytime a customer places an order, your order will be packed and shipped by your supplier. You need to put investment into this business, but the best part is that you do not have to actively work on it.

    How to build a Dropshipping business? 

    1. To get started, you will first need to choose a niche and decide which products you would like to sell.
    2. Then, you will need to do research to find out how many competitors are there in your niche and how you can differentiate yourself.
    3. Next, you will have to find a reliable supplier for your products.
    4. Lastly, you will have to create an online store. You can do this by creating your own website or by registering on platforms like Shopify.

    How much do Dropshipping business owners make?

    Dropshipping business owners make 10%-30% of their sales, and their monthly earning ranges from $1000-$3000.

    29. Become an Influencer

    Become an Influencer

    Income Potential: $40,000 and $100,000 per year

    If you have a dynamic personality and knowledge about a particular thing to share with the public, then you can become an influencer.

    You do not necessarily need to become a fashion or makeup influencer. With the rise in short-form content on channels such as Instagram, experts such as dermatologists, CA’s, teachers, etc. are all sharing their knowledge and earning money.

    Initially, you can create videos in bulk during the night or on week offs and upload them consistently. If your channel takes off early, you can start making money immediately, and if not, then giving it some time would render results.

    How do Influencers make money?

    • Sponsored Posts
    • Selling digital products courses
    • Partnerships with Brands
    • Advertising Websites
    • Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping
    • Donations and tips
    • Reselling clothing
    • Instagram Subscription

    How much do Influencers make?

    The money you make as an influencer depends on the number of followers you have. On average, influencers make $40,000 and $100,000 per year.

    30. Liveops

    Income Potential: $14-$30 per hour

    Liveops is an online platform that hires an independent contractor to work for its various clients in its virtual contact center.

    As a call center representative for Liveops, you can set your own schedule and choose when and which services you want to provide.

    Industries you might work in:

    • Retail
    • Roadside assistance
    • Healthcare
    • Non-licensed insurance
    • Technical support
    • Tax support

    Liveops offers night shifts and weekend positions as well, making it a perfect part-time online work opportunity for you.

    To be eligible for Liveops, you need:

    • A minimum of 1 year of customer service experience
    • Basic typing skills
    • Computer skills

    31. Sell Printables On etsy


    Income Potential: $100 – $300 an hour

    If you are a creative person who can come up with some unique printable designs for posters, frames, wall art designs, etc., then selling them online on Etsy could be profitable for you.

    But what are Printables?

    Printables are nothing but digital downloadable files that customers can download and print easily at their homes. Printables could also include celebration cards, business cards, templates, etc.

    How to get started?

    • Choose a niche first.
    • Now, come up with a bunch of designs for your printables.
    • Set up your Etsy shop.
    • Now, set up your price, upload your designs, and start earning money.

    32. Freelance Web Designer

    Freelance Web Designer

    Income Potential: $25.41 per hour 

    If you want to earn a handsome amount of money by dedicating only a few hours a day or night, then becoming a web designer could be worth it for you.

    Who is a Web Designer?

    A Web Designer is responsible for creating the structure and layout of a website. Everything you see on a website, including fonts, design, color, images, etc., is all taken care of by a Web Designer.

    With each passing day, more and more companies are sprouting, and sooner or later, they all get their website designed. So rest assured, you can find consistent work in this field once you establish yourself.

    Skills needed to become a Web Designer:

    • HTML
    • Visual design
    • JavaScript
    • CSS
    • Using Design Software
    • Knowledge of design principles
    • UX/UI knowledge
    • Client management

    33. Narrate Audiobooks

    Narrate Audiobooks

    Income Potential: $10 and $100 per narration

    In recent years, there has been a rise in the use of audiobooks and platforms like Audible.

    So, if you are a natural at voice modulation and love to read books, then you can look for an audiobook narration gig and work as per your own timings at your home.

    Audiobook narration platforms where you can easily find work are:

    What you need to get started:

    • Good quality mic
    • Pop screen
    • Headphones
    • Recording and editing software
    • A quiet space and a computer

    34. Publish an E-book

    Publish an E-book

    Income Potential: $500 – $1000+

    If you possess knowledge on a particular topic and have a flair for writing, then why not write an e-book and publish it on Amazon?

    You might think otherwise, but the whole process is so easy! You simply write an e-book, create a cover, etc., create an account on Amazon, and publish it on Amazon KDP.

    Does this mean this option isn’t for you if you are not a writer? Not at all!

    You can also create planners and children’s short story books or design a children’s coloring book, etc., and make money from the same.

    Some of the most profitable e-book niches are:

    • Self-Help
    • Personal Development
    • Children
    • Finance and Investing
    • Romance
    • Contemporary Fiction
    • Health and Wellness

    35. Affiliate Marketing


    Income Potential: $0 to $80,000 annually

    Affiliate Marketing means promoting products on social media channels and earning a fixed commission on every purchase. There are plenty of affiliate program’s that you can join, but Amazon’s affiliate program is the most popular one.

    Via affiliate marketing, you can make passive income, which means you do not have to work for fixed hours every day. However, this can only work for you if you have a strong presence on social media platforms.

    Best niches of Affiliate Marketing:

    • Technology
    • Health and Fitness
    • Wealth Building
    • Fashion and Beauty 
    • Hobby
    • Lifestyle
    • Pet Care
    • Security and Survival
    • Travel
    • Non-Profit & Charity

    36. Teach Instruments Online

    Teach Instruments

    Income Potential: $25.96 an hour

    If you know how to play an instrument, be it a piano, guitar, or mouth organ, among others, then you can take online classes in the evening or at night right from your home.

    A lot of people, especially kids, look for great instrument teachers but hardly find one in their area. You can take advantage of this opportunity and create an instrument lesson course.

    How to get started?

    • To start your online instrument lessons, you simply need to spread the word. For this, you can create an online post and share it on your social media channels; you can also ask your friends to share the post to increase your reach.
    • Make sure you include the timings, your contact number, etc., in the post.
    • You can also create a course and sell it on platforms like Coursera.

    37. Become an Online Fitness Coach

    Become an Online Fitness Coach

    Income Potential: $28.35 an hour

    Covid opened new possibilities for all kinds of work, including fitness. A lot of people do not feel comfortable going to the gym or simply prefer to workout from home.

    If you are a fitness coach or think you can become one, then this might be a great part-time income opportunity for you!

    How to become an online Fitness Coach?

    1. The first step in becoming a fitness coach is to choose your specialty. There are so many niches that you can choose from, such as strength training, yoga, mobility, etc.
    2. Although you do not need any education or degree to become a fitness coach, it is recommended to take up a course to build credibility.
    3. Start building your brand by building a social media profile dedicated to your fitness brand or creating a website.
    4. Post videos or share fitness advice to attract clients.

    Online certifications that you can take to become a Fitness Coach:

    • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
    • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
    • American Council on Exercise (ACE)

    Fitness Coaching niches that you can choose from:

    • Strength and conditioning training
    • Pre- and/or post-natal training
    • Discipline-specific support (i.e., CrossFit, marathon training, Pilates, etc.)
    • Competitive athletics
    • Mobility and recovery

    38. Twitch Streaming


    Income Potential: $50 – $1500 per month

    Although this one’s not an actual gig, you can still make $50-$1500 a month by streaming on Twitch at any time you want.

    But what is Twitch?

    Twitch is an online streaming platform that allows a person to stream themselves while playing video games, cooking, etc.

    If you are a game fanatic especially, then this income idea is going to be great for you.

    How do you make money on Twitch?

    • Donations
    • Brand deals and sponsorships 
    • Subscriptions
    • Twitch bits
    • Ad revenue

    What do you need to get started on Twitch?

    • Twitch account 
    • Laptop/PC
    • Streaming software
    • Camera and microphone

    How much do Twitch users make?

    Small streamers with 5-100 views make anywhere between $50-$1500 per month. Mid-tier streamers with 1000-10,000 views make $5000-$30,000 per month.

    39. Telus International

    Income Potential: $13 – $100 per month

    Telus International is a platform that helps companies around the world to smoothly carry out their daily operations by assigning small tasks to individuals. These tasks could be anything from translation to SEO evaluation, gaming, etc.

    You can find part-time or remote night-shift projects on this platform and earn anywhere between $13-$100, depending on the job.

    The best part about working for Telus is that you do not need to create an account first. You can view the jobs first, and when you are sure, you can create an account.

    40. Become a Copywriter

    Become a Copywriter

    Income Potential: $37.11 an hour

    If you have a good sense of humor and possess writing skills, then you can earn $37 an hour to become a part-time copywriter.

    But who is a Copywriter?

    A Copywriter is someone who writes ad copies for a company to persuade customers to buy the products or services of a company. And ad copies could be anything, emails, posters, social media posts, etc.

    Skills needed to become a Copywriter:

    • Knowledge of Copywriting basics
    • Writing, editing & proofreading skills
    • Research
    • Knowledge of SEO
    • Knowledge of marketing strategies

    How to Become a Copywriter?

    • You need a bachelor’s degree in English, Marketing, Communications or other related field. However, if you possess the above-mentioned skills, then you can still become a copywriter without a degree.
    • The best way to find work without relevant experience is to do an internship and learn the basics of Copywriting. You can also take an online course on Copywriting instead.
    • After honing your skills, you can create a portfolio and start looking for part-time remote copywriting jobs.

    Companies that offer remote Copywriting jobs:

    41. U-Haul


    Income Potential: $14 an hour

    U-Haul is a well-known company that offers transportation and moving services to customers. The company offers many part-time remote opportunities and frequently hires for remote sales jobs.

    If you do not mind doing sales and making reservations, then this might be a great opportunity for you. U-Haul hires representatives for day, evening, and overnight jobs, so you can apply to them as per your preferred timings.

    42. The Trevor Project

    The Trevor Project

    Income Potential: $16-$30 an hour

    If you are someone who is interested in working for a good cause and earning money by working on night shifts, then The Trevor Project might be worth it for you.

    The Trevor Project is a non-profit organization that works towards providing help, information, and tools to LGBTQ youth.

    Since this company offers help 24/7, 365 days a year, there is a severe lack of personnel. The company usually hires for a full-time position and also offers benefits such as paid time off and health insurance. However, you can check it out to find part-time roles as well.

    Skills you need to work for The Trevor Project:

    • Communication skills
    • Listening skills
    • Sympathy

    43. Work For Rev.com

    Work For Rev.com

    Income Potential: $20 an hour

    Rev is a transcription platform that offers transcriptionists, translators, captioners, etc.

    The company hires people to work in two shifts, morning & night shifts, so you can take this job and work during the night shift remotely to earn some extra money.

    You can make as much as $20 an hour from this job, and all payments are made on Monday.

    44. Open a Thrift Store Online

    Open a Thrift Store Online

    Income Potential: $30,000 to $100,000 a year

    One of the best ways to make a really good amount of money by working remotely at night or at whenever time you are free is by opening a thrift store.

    If you have a good sense of fashion and a knack for buying clothes at dirt-cheap prices, then you can be quite successful in this business.

    Things you need to start a thrift store:

    • A phone with a good camera
    • Some good clothes
    • Online account on Facebook, Instagram, eBay, etc.

    How to start a Thrift Store business?

    • To get started, you first need a handful of clothes to sell. You can start by selling your clothes initially, and then you will be required to find a supplier such as Goodwill stores, etc.
    • Now it’s time to create a business account on Instagram, Facebook marketplace, eBay, etc.
    • Start clicking pictures of your clothes and post them on these accounts with price, size, and other relevant descriptions.
    • Start building your followers to find customers. Anyone interested in buying would DM you, and you can then accept payment & ship the item to their address.

    45. Write Resumes

    Write Resumes

    Income Potential: $50-$300 per resume

    Believe it or not, people actually hire professional resume writers and pay them $50-$300 for creating their resume.

    If you are someone who possesses good writing skills, then you can become a resume writer and work nights remotely to earn a good income.

    Skills needed to become a resume writer:

    • Communication and writing
    • Research
    • Basic computer skills

    How to get started?

    • Get a degree in English, Journalism, or a related field. Or take up a relevant course to build credibility,
    • Search for internship opportunities or start by working for your family members or friends to build a portfolio.
    • Now, start looking for resume writing jobs on LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, recruitment agencies, HR groups, etc.
    • Start your resume writing journey & earn money.

    46. Sell Goods Online

    Sell Goods Online

    Income Potential: A few dollars to a few hundred dollars

    This might not be a long-term hustle for you, but if you have items that you no longer need in your house, then selling them can earn you some good money.

    You can sell any items, be it clothes, accessories, electronics, etc., on platforms like Etsy, Facebook marketplace, etc.

    How to get started?

    To start selling your stuff on these platforms, you simply need to create an account first. Then, you need to click pictures of these items and post them on these platforms with a description. Interested buyers will then reach out to you and pay you the money.

    Idea of the things that you can sell:

    • Electronics
    • Furniture
    • Books
    • Apparel
    • Toys
    • Grocery
    • Vehicles
    • Collectibles

    47. Review Books Online

    Review Books Online

    Income Potential: $5–60 per review

    Are you a bookworm? Did you know you can get paid to read and review books online? Imagine how amazing it would feel to get paid for something that you love and do every day anyway.

    There are a lot of book review platforms that pay readers for sharing their opinions on the books. Some of these include:

    How does it work?

    Once you sign up on any of these platforms, you will be sent an online copy of a book that you’d be required to read and review on time.

    The word length of the review could be 200-250 words, and once you submit your review, you will be paid.

    48. Flip Websites & Domains

    Flip Websites & Domains

    Income Potential: Undefined

    Flipping domains and websites means buying a website domain and then selling it for a higher price to someone who needs it.

    Good website domains are hard to come by, and business owners are usually willing to pay a high price for finding the best domain for their business.

    So you can flip domains and earn a dashing some of your money.

    How to get started?

    • To get started, find and register a good domain name first.
    • Now, estimate a good price for the domain name.
    • Choose a platform to sell your domain now and make money when someone buys it.

    Platforms where you can sell Domain names:

    49. Become A Website Tester

    Website Tester

    Income Potential: $15 to $25 an hour

    If you want to earn $15-$25 an hour by doing something remotely at night, then you can become a Website Tester.

    A Website Tester is someone who tests a website for functionality and performance and gives honest feedback.

    If you have good knowledge of computers, then you can work as a Website Tester and make money part-time.

    Skills needed to become a Website Tester:

    • Degree in computer science is preferred.
    • Familiarity with content inventory and experience testing.
    • Attention to detail.

    Sites that pay for Website Testing:

    Wrap Up

    Having an extra source of income can help you take care of sudden or miscellaneous expenses. And if everything goes well, then you can even turn your side gig into a full-time career.

    These were some noteworthy 49 Part-Time Night Jobs From Home ideas, and we hope you found this useful.


    Can I make $1000 a month from a part-time job?

    Some part-time remote jobs that can help you make $1000 a month include:

    • Blogging
    • YouTube
    • Influencing
    • Freelancing

    Is freelancing a good part-time career?

    There are plenty of freelancing jobs that you can takeup, including writing, editing, videography, photography, copywriting, etc.

    Although freelancing offers great flexibility, where you can decide your work timings and work at your own pace, it does not always offer consistent work.

    How to find good part-time jobs online?

    In case, for some reason, you cannot do any of the above-mentioned jobs, then you can look for some more part-time jobs in your area by doing a simple Google search or by looking on platforms like ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, etc.

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